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kim - May 27

do you have to pay money to have this operation performed, please someone let me know


kristen - May 31

Yes you have to pay money. Your insurance will cover if you have it.


kim - May 31

kristen... thanks for getting back to me, i dont have insurance so what happens from here. please reply. im on a waiting list to see a GYN in about 3months for the first time


stacey - May 31

not to sound dumb, but what is it and what's it for?


kim to stacey - May 31

stacey, hi its a small op where the doc puts dye inside your tubes to see if they are blocked,


stacey - May 31

Oh, thanks :) I guess you get that done if you aren't ovulating- or to find out if you are right? I am trying to find ways to make my cycle shorter (this one was 46 days) that's why I am curious about all of these things :)


L - June 1

Stacey - I just got in to see an ob/gyn on Monday and I'm being sent for an HSG. My cycles are INSANE - this past one was 89 days! I also don't ovulate regularly. I'm being sent for one to make sure that my tubes aren't blocked before he puts me on clomid. Apparently, they can be quite painful! Anyone had experience with that?


TravelBug - June 1

Kim - My OBGYN told me HSGs are at least $1000 a pop. I was lucky that our insurance covered it. A friend of mine had one done and paid out of her own pocket. You can shop around. She paid $450 in N. California.


stacey - June 2

L- thanks and sorry about your extra long cycles :( I was complaining b/c mine was 46 days- but now I know I shouldn't complain! I know that I do ovulate- I temp, but when I did get pregnant (m/c in Jan) it was right after I got off of the pill and my cycles were around 30 days- now they are about 40- or more.



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