How much longer should I wait to see my dr.?
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staci - April 13

Hi, I was wondering how much longer I should wait to see my dr. about trouble ttc? I was only on the pill for 2years before ttc. It has been a year now, my cycles are still irregular-27-37days. I talked the a mid-wife in March when I got my yearly pap and she seemed to think there isn't a problem-that it's just taking me longer. Should I wait longer or does that sound odd to anyone else that she didn't suggest anything other than the normal tips your recieve while ttc?


yev - April 13

hi staci, my dr said at least 12~18 months before seeking help. but maybe you could ask your dr to give you some blood tests with hormones and a whole lot of things. also if your hb doesn't mind, it's worthwhile to do a sperm test as well. perhaps once everything comes back normal and you're reassured, you'll just get pregnant right away! although my pregnancy after trying for about 12 months didn't really have a happy ending, i did get pregnant when least expected. best of luck to you!


isa - April 13

My RE told me when I went (I had 25-30 day cycles) that that wasnt a normal cycle. So I am sure a 10 day variance is not good either. Have you been charting you bbt? That was what I did and thought I found a problem with estrogen or progesteron due to my lower than normal starting temps and after Ovulation temps. I went to doc after 3 months of charting and he sent me right to RE. (I was 39 at the time) but I dont think it would have mattered when I said I think there is a problem. I would bring it up with your doc if he wont do anything for sure start watching bbt, chart cervix postion, cm, and use opks. If you are ovulating ok and bd when at the right time and are under 35 they say go after a year. If you are over 35 and have been trying 6 months at the right time and nothing go for help but if you discover a problem with any of this go right away and get it figured out because the older you are the harder it is to get pg. Hope I helped some


Leilani14 - April 17

I'm 33 and have regular cycles 28-30 days. WE TTC for 6 months with me usink OPKs and BBT. I just knew something is not right. We really had good timing. Usully doctors want you to try fro a year before asking for help, but we decided to ask for SA after only six months of TTC. The results came back bad. At that time IVF was our only option. DH started new vitamis and antioxidans and after 8 months we concieved naturally. I'm 17 weeks pregnant now. I can't tell you how glad we are that we were proactive and that we started testing early. Take care



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