How much longer after Prometrium
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mattiewinrow - September 1

Hi ladies. Can someone who knows the answer to this please help me out! how long after prometrium does one expect her period to come on? I was on it for 12 days starting from the 17th of August. Last pill was taken on the night of Monday the 28th. Today is the first and still no AF. I was supposed to start clomid on day 2 of my "prometrium brought-on" cycle.
Any idea on how much longer i have to wait?


dea - September 1

Every body is different. I got AF the next morning. Some people wait up to two weeks... good luck.


mattiewinrow - September 1

Thanks Dea. I guess I can't really start the clomid until AF shows up which may be only God knows when?
For the first time in my adult life, I want AF to show up and it decides to take it's sweet time......grrrrr.... that makes me so angry. other times when I don't want it showing up in the hopes that i'm pregnant it comes like clockwork. Sorry ladies, I'm just venting. I am so sad and upset. maybe I'm being too overly worried and that's why AF won't come. One more thing though, I've been seeing pink each time I pee and wipe myself, could I be spotting?


thayward7 - September 1

Hi, I was put on Prometrium for my last luteal phase, and didn't start my period until almost 3 days after I stopped taking the Prometrium. The doctor said that every woman responds differently - it also sounds like you were using it for a different reason than me? Smiles and babydust. T


mattiewinrow - September 5

This is day 8 since i went off Prometrium and still no a/f. Thing is I don't even have the usual signs I always get monthly before my a/fs visit, you know like the tender boobs bloating and stuff like that. I have no symtoms and usually, before the prometrium, by now I should start having them symptoms. I'll just wait and see but the wait is killing me



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