HOw much LAPROSCOPY cost????
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aish - June 16

My insurance dont cover for infertility i just wanted to know how much we have to pay


Mega - June 16

A lot. I think my laporoscopy bill was about $10 K. But I had a lot of stuff done with it including HSG, hystercopy (sp?), and Ovarian Drilling (for my PCOS). I think that's why the cost was so high. But I was lucky, while my insurance doesn't cover infertility treatment at all, it does cover diagnostic treatments so all I paid was the $75 copay and an exhorbitant fee for anethesia (that I guess my ins. didn't pay). But talk to your RE, often times they will have a cheaper price for patients who are paying out of pocket. And if you do just the lap, & not the other stuff like I had I think the price is approx. $1,700-$5,500, somewhere in that range. Your RE can give you the exact breakdown & maybe even do some kind of payment terms. Good luck. HTH!


melissam - June 19

tell your dr. that you have severe pelvic pain, and that you do not know what it is from, but it really hurts bads, sometimes it causes so much pain it brings you to your knees. That is what I did to get my ins to pay for my lap ...shhh. but i did not have the money and I needed it, while he was in there I had tubal problems which he repaired..sounds bad but sometimes you have to do what you gotta do.....


melissam - June 19

it is all about the billing codes !!!!!!! They will put that you are going in for a lap because of pelvic pain not infertility!!


Mega - June 19

Great idea, melissam! You've said it--sometimes you've got to do what you've gotta do. This fertilty treatment stuff is expensive enough w/out the added cost of surgeries added in.


Tracy88 - June 20

I am having a lap in two weeks and the fertility specialist I see is billing it as "necessary" as he "diagnosed" me with painful periods, fibroids, and possible endo.


aish - June 20

thanku girls.....all the best wishes to u



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