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Jillian - October 3

Hi ladies

I am new to the this forum. I just wanted to find out how long you guys have been trying? I am in my 14th month of trying which feels like forever. Been on Fertomid for 6 months and had a laporascopy last week. Doctor discovered I had endometriosis (level 1), blocked tubes and a pollup measuring 1.3cm. I also have PCOS, so the chances were really against us.

How long have you guys been trying?


patrizia - October 3

hi jillian. i have a similiar situation like yours. ttc for 19 months, i also had a lap done on march 30,2006. they found some endobut luckily got it out. pcos. my tubes are ok---but i do not ovulate. so this past month i started injections. which i had to stop because my follicules did not grow and the endo has started to grow back. i just started the second month of injections. 2 different kinds of is a real mess for me. good luck !


Jillian - October 3

Hi Patrizia

Shame man, on a smaller scale, I know how you feel. The meds also give you all sorts of symptoms, which aren't nice to deal with.

My doc removed the endometriosis but said that it could return. Hopefully things will happen for the two of us shortly. They say forget about it, but that is really hard. Stress is a huge factor as well, so have booked a holiday in November to relax and make babies!!


Parul - October 3

Hi Jillian and Patrizia! I have been trying for 17 mths now....found out in August that I possibly have PCOS...formal diagnosis-to be told in November......lost 30 lbs so AF was usually 34 to it is 29....I have one child...conceived when I was on the pill....she is now 2 and half. I also feel that this has been a long haul....I will be turning 35 in 6 mths....


Jillian - October 3

Hi Parul

Never give up hope, it will happen, you have come a long way losing weight and sorting your AF cycle. Has your doctor not throught about a laparoscopy, maybe you have blocked tubes or endometriosis that can be fixed instead of waiting so long?


Parul - October 3

Thanks Jillian for the positivity.....My doctor originally wasn't willing to even refer me to a gyno/specialist until at 2 years of TTC...I got a second opinion...they referred me to a first gyno appt is end of November 2006. So the though of a lap/ or u/s didn't even crossed my doctor's mind!!! So I have to wait until November to get properly tested/diagnosed etc...however we haven't really given up hope...we are still trying in the meantime....I am still overweight...but starting the weight program was the has finally come easier.


Jillian - October 3

You doctors obviously work differently where you are. I am in South Africa and for any woman related problems, we go to the gynae. My gynae gave us a year and then we had everything else done. My husband went for a sperm analysis and I had the laparoscopy done. At least this way, you have answers and don't try in vain!! Still, November is soooo long away!


Parul - October 3

Jillian I from Canada....and some good news....there was a cancellation so, I will be seeing my gyno this Thursday!!!Yipeee!!!


MelissaV - October 3

I Jillian-I was diagnosed with stage 4 endo a year ago after an HSG which showed block tubes & LAP. We have been trying for 3 years & 2 months. I was on continuous bcp for 6 months over the winter, and am just in my 7 month of ttc again after all that treatment.


Jillian - October 4

Hi ladies

How are you all doing today?? I am in a bit of a shock because of the medical bills coming through, which medical aid hasn't covered 100% - eek!! Oh well, at least it is done and I can prepare myself for the costs involved when I fall pregnant!! Parul that is excellent news that you can go on Thursday - please update us on what the gynae says and hopefully he/she will do a scan to see if there are any problems that are visible. I usually insist on a scan when I go. First time he picked up PCOS and the latest one was the big pullup, so it is worth the cost at the end of the day rather than just the usual checkup and chat!! See what he/she says! Good luck and I will be waiting to hear.


Parul - October 6

Hello appt with Gyno yesterday was great...she did a pap right away...once my new cycle begins...various blood tests and looks like I definitely have PCOS, my left ovaries is larger than the right....once we know what is happening-choice of fertility drug to be taken is metaformin(i think that is how you spell it...DH will be needing to do a semen analysis as well.... Very relieved that the process is happening.


matzgrl - October 6

Hi, Jillian. This month will be my 14th month of trying as well. I haven't seen a dr, yet regarding infertility, but I will be soon. I've been prolonging seeing a dr., b/c everyone ( family and friends) tries to tell me that my problem is in my head and that once I stop stressing about it, I'll get pregnant. I've decided to stop listening to them. I am going to see a specialist, and if I find out that there isn't a problem, then GREAT!


linds99 - October 6

Wow Jillian, sounds like you have been through a lot. I also have PCOS and a very light hydrosalpinx in my left tube, but patent right tube. I've been trying to conceive since October 2005. This is a hard road to be on. PCOS is the worst, but I've heard endo is painful. I'm sorry. I'm on my third round of clomid, and this time taking metmorfin, and have two inseminations next week, if things go my way. I want to have laproscopy on the hydro if I don't get preggers this month, because I think that is my problem. Anyway, just wanted to say, i'm right there with you! It is rough.


linds99 - October 6 move. Don't waste anymore time. I suspected something was wrong two months after it didn't happen, cuz I was never on any birth control, just used condoms. Everyone told me too it will happen when GOD wants it to happen. I didn't want to wait until then...I went to see a specialist after 6 months of trying, temps, hitting ovulation, monitors, etc. I gained some control once I knew what was wrong and I am on my road to hopefully getting my dream.


Lin - October 6

Hi ladies. I'm 34, dh is 35, and we're just starting cycle 13 of ttc our first child. I've been charting for one year and have clearly ovulated every month with a 28-29 day cycle and a 15-16 day luteal phase. I had a lap a few years ago to remove an endometrioma the size of a small orange and, as the doctor described, a tiny little spot of endometriosis. I just recently had my first appointment with the fertility specialist and had an u/s. She said that there were about 12 follicles on my left ovary but only 3 or 4 on the right, which is the one the cyst had been on. She did, however, say that I had ovulated from my right ovary (that's the only one I ever feel any cramping from, actually), but it's still in question how viable that ovulation is. My period should be starting today, as I had some spotting just before bed last night, so I'll be going in for b/w and an hsg next week. I'm hoping that the hsg might be able to shed some light on the situation. I have adhesions from the previous laparoscopy that caused me pain for almost a year afterward and still cause intermittent pain, and I'm a bit worried that my right tube may be pinched off. Best of luck to everyone! I suspect that the bfps on this forum will be even more exciting than those on the signs of pregnancy forum I've been posting on for the last 14 or so months. : )


hopeful2411 - October 6

matzgrl...I waited a year and a half to go and see a specialist. I found out that the problem was with DH and that within that year and a half it would have been nearly impossilbe for my dh to get me pregnant. I put it off for that long and now it seems like wasted time. I should have went earlier.


gmh - October 6

Hey Jillian, Don't give up hope... there are alot of things you can try still... I am 36month and only one ovary, due to stage 4 endo. Seeing s specialist is the best move.



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