How early can you take a pregnancy test...and it be accurate
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Meighen N. - May 27

Hi there, expecting my . on the 29th...which is only 2 days away...but I have been feeling some wierd cramping this past week. Almost like a tugging ..has anyone felt that before? Also, I have spent so much $ on those damn preg tests that I don't want to take one too early and waste more $. If I took one today would it be accurate??


MuzikGurl - May 27

How many days past ovulation are you?? I got my positive very faintly on 12dpo at the drs. office but, didn't get my first pos. on a hpt until I was 18 dpo. Don't trust a hpt this early unless you are past 14dpo many drs. say don't take one until 18dpo because by then if you were it would show up on a hpt. If you really wanna know wait until 2 days after your expected period then go to the drs. office and ask for a test their tests are a lot more accurate and very sensitive plus sometimes you don't have to pay for it. If it is neg. there and u still think you might be they might do blood work, if it comes out neg on your blood work then I would trust that you are not pregnant. If it comes pos. on blood work then trust that you are and it's just too early for a pee test to pick up. Good Luck and let us know!


Meighen N. - May 27

I am 14 dpo... and really eager to find out. We have been ttc for 9 mths now and each month I do the same thing... "oh this month I feel different" then it turns out neg. I get so disappointed. I should just wait .. I am suppose to get my period on the 29th two days from now. Just eager ....


kelley32 - May 28

Hi Meighen, I got my BFP at 11 DPO, but the only reason that I tested so early was because I had implantation spotting at 9-10 DPO, so I figured that there may be enough HCG in my system to get a +. Good Luck, I wish you the best!!


hara2326 - May 29

the same thing was happening to me about 2 weeks ago i had so many false pregnancy signs llike the sore breasts,cramping, feeling bloated almost everything and then on top of that i was a week late i kept wasting money on hpt and on the 23rd my cycle came on full blast. so don't test so early you should wait at least a week and a half because you might not have enough of the pregnancy hormone in your urine for the hpt to pick up.



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