How Does Anyone Remain Sane!
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Dingbat - February 7

I know people say that the minute you stop thinking about getting pregnant is usually the time it happens for you. But how in the heck can you ever stop thinking about it. I am finding it hard not to be discouraged and pessimistic about the whole process. Its so hard to be patient. Its really hard not to be so in tune with waht is happening with your body that every little twinge and strange feeling seems to be something important!Anyone have any tips on how to relax and stop stressing??


Dingbat - February 7

Also, has anyone else heard that taking hot baths is a bad idea when trying to conceive?


iampg - February 7

hi dingbat. you're right. the whole process stinks - do this, don't so that. etc. In a future society, women will take even more control over the process and not tie up years of their life over it. Women are suffering every day because up till now we haven't taken full charge of our fertility. We've given up to drug companies running trials on consumers. We give up a lot of information freely on these forums don't we? I heard recently that lavender oil is very soothing and safe for ttc. I think there's a myth that some women are too stressed to conceive. I think they're missing some vital pieces of information and confused which creates the feeling of overhwhelm.


Dingbat - February 8

You are so right.
I am trying to do everything naturally. No drugs, and the least amount of medical interference possible. You just feel like you are swirling all the time. Imformation overload.
Thank you so much for the tip on the lavender oil. Its nice to talk to someone about this stuff. I dont really have anyone to talk to.


Tink - February 8

if you are trying the natural route- have you considered acupuncture and herbs? many acupuncturist specialize in fertility treatments. I am seeing one now to help wtih my in vitro process. it helps improve blood flow to the uterus and thicken your lining for implantation. it also helps with stress relief. i can't do the herbs, since i am on tons of meds for IVF right now (ER next week!), but if you are just doing hte natural route or are not on meds, they can give you some herbs to try and diet tips that supposedly help. while i don't count on chinese medicine or natural alone, as I am obviously doing IVF, i think a combination of both is going to work for us. we might have possible MF and i had endo and so meds and surgery were a necessary part to improve my fertility, so natural wasn't an option for me. oh and HOT BATHS....i know we are told NOT to take them or use a suana or hot tub after our egg retreival and transfer for IVF. i assume if it can hurt my IVF chances, then it maybe can be bad all the way around. i think if it is just lukewarm, that is fine. but if you are trying to do everything you can, then might as well avoid it. also cut out caffeine if you already haven't. good luck


Dingbat - February 9

Thank you so much Tink!
I wish you success on your IVF.
I agree that you have to combine the meds and the natural in order to insure you are doing just everything to get the job done.
I have cut out everything delicious and wonderful- coffee- sugar- processed wheat products...Im fruit and veggies, protein and whole grains all the way.
I think I will avoid the hot baths until I get pregnant. I think you are right- its just better safe than sorry. Just makes good sense.
How long had you been trying before you considered IVF?
I wish the best for you!!


Tink - February 9

I've been on meds for about a year. I started trying over a year and a half ago. so my ob/gyn back then and she started me on clomid for 4 months in march last year. then i did an HSG test, DH did S/A and all our bloodwork. then i saw an RE in July and did 2 IUIs with clomid, then a lap. then 2 more IUIs with injectables. so i have tried just about every option except IVF. i've responded well to all drugs and everything looks good. we are unexplained. hopefully IVF does the trick! good luck! oh and I am 33, in good health


ChristinaDB - February 10

I thought I would be able to handle this process easily. I am usually very calm and patient when it comes to sticking to a plan. For some reason, i can not control my emotions and frustrations during this process. It feels like my whole life resumes now to waiting for my period not to come...BTW, we are planning a vacation down south which will happen after the peak days, during the implantation phase. Do you happen to know if the change in temperature, swimming, travelling, etc, will have any negative impacts...Thank you and good lcuk!


dee - February 13

I have been trying for 2 1/2 years. I found out I have PCO -polycystic ovaries, then SA was borderline. Went on Clomid for 5 months, 3 IUI's with injectibles, 3 months on disgusting chinese herbs and now back to square 1. I am sick and tired of this game ladies... I know people have waited longer but....The stress is unbelievable.It ruins relationships with people along the way. People keep telling you to stop thinking about it, relax etc etc. You cannot help it. You have to think about it when you take your temperature every morning, when you transfer the info to your chart, when your ovaries are hurting etc. Like you said every twinge means something to us. We know our bodies inside out. I cant give you much advice on how to relax or stop stressing, the only thing that sort of helps me is talking about it with others. Good luck,..


Dingbat - February 14

Dee-you are so right- it takes a little pressure off the top to just say it out loud or type it to someone else who gets it.
Trying to get pregnant makes you feel really alone doesnt it?
Its difficult to explain to someone who isnt going thro the same thing.
Its nice to know you arent going nuts or that you are the only one who has it constantly on their minds.
I hope that your waiting is thro very soon Dee. 2 1/2 yrs is a long time to play the waiting game.
Baby dust to you like crazy!
PS does anyone have any idea about the vacation south question? Swimming, tanning, change in temp- are these things to be worried about?


dee - February 14

Thanks.. All I know is that you should not have hot showers, spas etc. Do everything else as normal.


emeliz - February 19

I'm in the same boat. Can't stop thinking about it. Sick of people telling me to relax. If I could relax, I would! The suggestion to explore herbal medicine and acupuncture is a good idea. Make sure the doctor's credentials are sound and that you feel comfortable around him/her. No use adding to the stress if you don't get a good vibe. I'm about to try that route myself. Btw, has anyone heard that it's not good to take super-hot baths, etc. WHEN you are pregnant?



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