How do you read a sperm analysis report?
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Meighen N. - August 29

Does anyone know of any websites that I could refer to? My DH just got his tests back the dr said a-ok and gave us the test. I would like to look into it more. Vol 3% Motility 70% fert morpholog 30% and sperm cnt 20 million/nl... does this mean anything to anyone?


thayward7 - August 30

Sorry I can't be of more help, because I use donor sperm - but I know with my donor my RE likes the motility to be at least 50% - so your dh's looks good! My RE also likes a sperm count of at least 70 million (I think) - my donor has 80 million. I don't know about vo or fert morpholog.... Will your doctor discuss the results with you? Smiles... T


thayward7 - August 30

oh, p.s. there's also a "male infertility" link at the top of this site - I don't know if there's anything in there that will help you or not.... smiles. T


MollieJo - August 30

Hey Meighen. I've been trained to do semen analysis and this is what I was told to look for in a specimen...
Normal volume is 2-6mL. )The result probably means 3mL and not %). This is the volume of ejaculate.
Normal motility is greater than 60%. This the percent of the sperm that are moving forward (not just swimming in circles)
Normal morphology is at least 30%. This is the number of sperm present that look normal. Some sperm have two tails or heads, too short or long of tail, the head of the is sometimes shaped funny. These are not able to fertilize the egg. I know only 30% normal sounds so small but there are MILLIONS and 30% of 20 million is a lot!
The normal count is considered at least 20 million.
Sounds like your husband is good to go.
Here is a website that is helpful.


isa - August 30

"The World Health Organisation provides a definition of a 'normal' sperm count:

* the concentration of spermatozoa should be at least 20 million per ml.

* the total volume of semen should be at least 2ml.

* the total number of spermatozoa in the ejaculate should be at least 40 million.

* at least 75 per cent of the spermatozoa should be alive (it is normal for up to 25 per cent to be dead).

* at least 30 per cent of the spermatozoa should be of normal shape and form.

* at least 25 per cent of the spermatozoa should be swimming with rapid forward movement.

* at least 50 per cent of the spermatozoa should be swimming forward, even if only sluggishly.

It is quite surprising how many dead and abnormal sperm can be present in a 'normal' sample." from the website:


isa - August 30

take out the dashes in the above www and the link should work, there is an underline between sperm_eval



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