How do you get pregnant when you dont have a period?
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Melissa - October 10

My first shot was in November 2001 and my last shot was in September 2003 after my wedding. Since I've been off the shot, I have had some periodic bleeding. Sometimes it would be really heavy and last for 2 weeks other times I would just spot for a day or so. My husband and I have been having unprotected sex since I've been off the shot for over two years now. My last heavy bleeding cycle was about 5 months ago and since then I have not bled at all. For the past 4 months we have been trying every night to get pregnant but no luck. How can you get pregnant when you don't even have a period? Is there anything to be done to make a period start? My doctor says to just give it time and things will happen on there own. For the past couple weeks I have been very dizzy and my breast and back ache constantly so this morning I took a pregnancy test and it was negatvie. This whole thing is very upsetting to me..the only reason I got on the pill was because I did not want to get pregnant before I was married and now that we've been married for over two years I can't get pregnant. My husband is becoming very frustrated with the whole situation and just wants to give up for a while. I have always dreamed of being a mother. I'm only 23 years old and it seems that all of girls around my age are having babies or already had them. People keep asking when we are going to have ours and that upsets me even more to think there is a posibilty that we will never have a child of our own. I've read the information where it takes 1-2 years after your last shot to get pregnant...well, my two years are up..why am I still not pregnant? I'm to the point where I've lost all hope...someone please give me my hopes back!


Toni - October 11

You definitely need to see a dr. You may not be ovulating and there are meds to help you. It's better to see a specialist and get the info rather than being upset every month. Good luck


sandra - October 11

hi melissa, i completely sympathise with you. I am 33 and I had an ectopic pregnancy and had one tube and ovary removed. I had two children since. I went back on birth control as i thought i didnt want to have any more children, but my youngest is now 5 years old and i am desperate for another baby. I stopped the pill again in May and had one period in June and nothing since. Docs have taken blood tests and I am waiting for an appointment for an ultrasound. However, yesterday I finally took a period and it is soooo heavy but I am hoping that it is just my body getting back to normal since stopping the BC. I have been testing every day since June for ovulation and the results were all negative, so I am very confused how I can now take a period if I have not ovulated. Please dont give up hope. You are still relatively young - only 23, so there is plenty time, but you should see a doctor for a blood test just to get your FSH and LH levels checked. Were your periods regular before BC? I know how frustrating it is though when everyone else seems to be having kids. I know i am lucky to have two lovely boys already but it doesnt stop me getting down when i cant have another. That sounds selfish but I feel a part of me is missing. Please stay focused, I think thats all we can do,good luck and babydust to you. keep us posted how things are going xx



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