Hope is just about gone
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Holly - December 5

Could someone please tell me if it is normal for AF to show up (out of the blue) on cd 25?? my cycles are normally 34 and up..this is really wierd. My dpo is 11 and my last normal AF started Nov 2nd (53 days) and I was started on clomid on Nov 11th 4 days after AF went away. I am really upset..I have tried and my body does not want to work with me. I have a wonderful 9yr old and would really love another one. I don't know if I can put myself through the pain again of Ovulation as it really hurt and scared the heck out of me. I don't know if I mentaly can handle this anymore.. I maybe should just go back to trying without any medication at all .. I find that the clomid and trying with that has just made this more difficult for me to handle.. sorry I am really sad right now .. I guess I am loosing hope.


it's me dee - December 5

just wanted to let you know a girl i was talking to said she took vitex and became preggo with in a couple of weeks.


Sara - December 5

Is this your first time on Clomid? I find Clomid screwed up my cycles when I took it. Sometimes it would come cd27 others it would come cd40, when usually my period comes 32-35 days, which is normal for me.


Holly - December 5

Hi Dee and Sara, thanks for your posts.I will give the vitex a try..I have a product that has that as well as natural progesterone cream in it. I don't know if I can mix it with Clomid though..so I will look into that..if you find any info please let me know. My dr's office today said that it was normal for me to have a cycle like this. Oh well..just depressed because I really thought that it worked and that I O'd and we BD ever single night that we were told to so I don't know what's wrong with me. DH is ok..he was tested. Sara..yes it is my first time. Did it work for you at all? I get Large/pain when I O..it sent me to the ER.. good to know that it is not that abnormal for AF to show up. Just frustrated and very sad as we have been trying for 8yrs.


kosi - December 6

ask your dr if there is something else that you can take, because even though the clomid helped oyu to O maybe it's just not what your body needs. i've read that some women are just lacking something like vitamins or hormones that their bodies aren't producing enough of. are you taking any prenatal's? sometimes those can help in trying to conceive because it replenishes the nutrients your body is lacking and needs. has your dr tested to see if maybe you have a hormone imbalance or something like that?? good luck to you and dont give up!!


to: holly - December 6

read this and let me know if you think this might help... http://www.asac.ab.ca/BI_fall00/holfertility.html


Holly - December 6

Thank you two for your posts. Kosi.. I have asked the dr and they think that they should stick to the clomid as it made me O. So I will try it for at least one more month. I have gone in for tests and everything has come back good...nothing going on in the hormone department that they can find with a blood test. I take vitamins every day along with other herbal supliments that work on the women hormones etc. to holly...That page had some good information on it..thank you. I don't smoke and eat healthy foods so that is a positive. Alot of that stuff is good information.. Lets hope that all the natural stuff I have been doing and the clomid helps this time around.


lori - December 7

Believe jesus will give you a baby holly.We have to have faith.I am just preying every day i will get a baby he has never let me down.If you dont get itexactly when you pray for it dont worry there is a reason.I wish you lots of baby dust


Holly - December 8

Hi Lori...thank you..I have been praying as well.. I like to live by the words that everything happens for a reason..not to sure what that reason is but I will figure it out eventually.. **Dust**



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