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alirsgirl4l - July 25

Hey all you ladies out there TTC, I am 33 weeks pregnant with my first baby and by the way its a boy. Well My husband and I TTC for about one year )an a half (also i had really irregular periodswithout the help of any doctors or anything else so I finally decided to buy some pills i heard worked really well Fertility Blend I purchased it back in December from GNC I took them for about three weeks and on the box it indicated it could take up to three months or more so i decided to stop taking it and in Feburary I found out i was already 10 weeks pregnanty so i feel it really did work for me well thought id let everyone know what worked for me. Baby dust too all you out there!!!!!


waiting-4-my-angle - July 25

Hey I am so happy for you! I just started FB about 3 weeks ago, I just want you to ask how many pills did you take a day? I hope and pray that this product will work for me! I know it did not work this time because I got AF a couple of days ago. Well I am glad that you had luck with these pills and I wish you the best. Hope to talk to you later.


alirsgirl4l - July 25

Hey there well i took 3 pill a day and yes i really feel those pills and god helped alot with this pregnancy . Well I hope it works for you and keep me posted :-)


Prisoner_of_Hope - July 25

Congrats Ali and Thanks for sharing! I have been taking it for about 3 weeks but I only take one - I wanted to ease into it. I have so many issues - the least of which are a depressed and angry DH - that I wonder if I should try anything, but I just can't give up yet. I gotta try. So thanks for posting. Waiting lets keep each other posted.


waiting-4-my-angle - July 25

Sound good. Some days I only take 1 other days 2 or 3. I guess I need to make up my mind how many I am going to take. Hey Prisoner_ I think I started taking FB around July 6. Is that about the time you started? Well I hope you and me both have as much luck as alirsgirl41 did. I will keep you updated! Baby dust to you and good luck to both!


waiting-4-my-angle - July 25

Oh yeah alirsgirl41 did your partner take FB for men or something at all? My husband has some but he decided to use Mega Men first, the women at the GNC store said that it helps, and many women has got preg when the man was taking it.


sofie2006 - July 25

what is the best way to get pregnant


alirsgirl4l - July 25

Well like i said before i really wish you gals luck!!!! and Waiting actually my husband was taking the mega men but not because they told us but because he had been taking it for a while already but also i think we where starting to enjoy our relationship alot more and relax on the whole baby thing they had told us it could have been due to stress also that we couldnt get pregnant but now like i said after praying so much i am glad i have made it this far and i cant wait to see my lil bundle of joy :-)


waiting-4-my-angle - July 27

alirsgirl41, I am so happy for you I can only imagine how you feel right now. I hope everything is well your way and hope to talk to you soon. Did you have any kind of medial condition? Did you have any symptoms when you got preg? well hope to talk to you soon!


alirsgirl4l - July 27

Waiting, thanks well no i had no medical conditions when i got pregnant and the only symptoms i had where morning sickness and cramps lol i didnt find out i was pregnant till i was about 10 weeks because i had such an irregular period and the only sign was morning sickness


waiting-4-my-angle - July 28

Alirsgirl41, Well, I was talking to this girl at work and she said that she had her AF for about 3 months then it did not come the 4th month and come to find out she was preg the hole time. I never knew that you could have a AF and be preg did you? Was your morning sickness bad? I hope it wasnt cause I know that was no fun! Well I hope every one the best and sending out baby dust to all!


alirsgirl4l - August 2

Waiting well yes i knew you could get it while pregnant well my morning sickness was bad the first couple days but it didnt matter to me i was to excited to care but yes i did get sick of it lol


summertime - August 3

hey ali, im sooooo happy for you after trying for so long it could be really stressful. I just started taking fb about a wk ago and i'm hoping and praying that it will work for me too. Thank you for sharing it really helps keep our hopes up. congrats!!!!!!



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