HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
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sona - February 16

I have a very confusing situation. I took a hpt on Jan. 31 and got a very faint + so I went to the doctor and confirmed it witha blood test my hgc was 21 two days later it was 19 two days later it was15 and then I started bleesing very heavy. After I stoped bleeding about 5 days later I had another test and it was 13 well I had another test today to make sure it was all out of my system and it was 25 I dont know what to think has anyone else had a situation like this. Im so scard it was an eptopic and there is still some left in my tube.So tomorrow I go back to the doctor and I am supposed to take an injection that will disove it , but im not sure about it because what if its going to be a normal pregnancy.I had an us today but nothing could be seen because of the hgc being so low to see anything your hgc has to be aleast 1500. ANYONE WITH ANY ADVICE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lynn - February 16

Had an ectopic in Sept 2005. if I could have taken the shot instead of surgery, i would have. Honeslty it sounds like something is going on and you may want to leave it in the hands of professionals. Do you have a history of issues getting pregnant? I had to face the question what should I do back in Sept. If I would have not decided in the office to have a D&C and then the next day go for level check again....I could be dead. My tube was hours away from bursting. You really need to talk to them, your dh and make the choice together.


sona - February 16

Lynn did you have any symptons? And what was your hgc levels?



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