HELP Did my clomid STOP work?
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worried - October 20

I am on clomid 50mg days 3-7. On the first three cycles of using clomid, I had ovulation cramps, but on my 4th cycle of clomid I have received no ovulation cramps which is making me worry that the clomid is no longer working.
could anyone help me figure out why i didnt get any cramps on my 4th cycle?
babydust to all ttc...


Sara - October 20

Hi, It could be that the clomid 50mg isn't working for you. Your doctor may have to up your dose to 100mg. The 50mg didn't work for me I've been on the 100mg for 3 cycles now, and I'm now late for my af. Hopefully there's a bfp ahead. Good luck to you.


Mega - October 20

Plus sometimes we get O cramps, other times we don't. It's still possible that you've O'ed on the Clomid just for some reason didn't get cramping this go around. Or as Sara said, it's possible for some reason the 50 mg is no longer working for you & you'll need to up the dose to 100 mg. Anyway, it could be either scenario & you probably won't know for sure if you did O til either the 21 day blood draw, or you do an u/s, however your dr monitors you. Are you charting? Or using OPKs with the Clomid? That should give you a better idea what's going on as well. What CD are you on now? Maybe you're just having a later O this cycle? Good luck! HTH! Baby dust to you too!!!


CC - October 20

Like Mega said, you should be getting monitored by your Dr either w/ a blood test or ultra sounds. If you are going only by what you feel around O time, I dont think its accurate. Maybe it is a late O ? Good luck!!


tan - October 20

i was on clomid 100mg and i became preg on my first cycle. Now i'm 18 weeks preg. best of luck.


Mega - October 20

Congrats! Tan, that's exciting! It's always wonderful to hear success stories. Is this your first?


dee - October 24

I ovulated on the first two cycles on 50mg, 3rd cycle didnt and 4th cycle i did. today I start 100mg. You need to draw blood day 21 to find out. I had blood drawn on day 24 as i figured out i ovulated on cd19.


worried - October 24

I'm now on day 19 of my cycle.i had cramping around time of ovulation on my first 3 cycles of clomid but not the fourth cycle. i had bloodwork done on my 2nd and 3rd cycle of clomid at 50mg showing that i ovulated. my doctor said i dont need to do it this 4th cycle.
I have been using ovulation sticks for all 4 cycles on clomid, but its hard to depend on them - bein that the booklet that comes with the opk usually say that the use of fertility drugs or pcos could affect the result.
I'm also on metformin for 2 months now- now at 2000mg a day. Its just so hard to believe that i cant reproduce a baby naturally and worst yet to be taking fertility medication - that still did not work after the first try, for god sakes i'm young i'm 20 - i shouldnt be having fertility problems - the stress of it is just killing me to be having to try hard every month with still no positive result



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