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Mariah - June 24

while i'm 22 and me and my husband really want a baby we have now been trying for 4months. Before this i was on birth control pills i stoped on valentines day. I have came on my period everytime but last time i went to the doctors in march to see if i was pregnant she said no but i only went because i didn't come on intill a week later. it was reg it just stop after 3 days. so every since then i been couting the 28 days and my period for april did the same came on a week late (yes i'm counting right it never failed before). May was the month we were really trying and still nothing this time i cam on the right time. So we waited to after the cycle and now it's time for it again i was getting all happy because i thought this would be the time i get pregnant. while i don't know because i came on 2 days late and the cycle only last 1 day today. Please can some one give me advice can u come on your period during pregnace light or heavy. I mean i have all the symptoms ecxept spitting up.



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