has this ever happened to you?
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confused test junkie - July 13

I took a generic hpt. one I bought online. immediately after I took the test a white line showed up where the test line should be. I have never had this happen before. I have used these tests for over a year. It was too soon to be an evap line. it turned white within 30 secs. I know you cant read a test after a certain amount of time but I am sitting here looking at it an hour later and the line is still very noticable. I am I am assuming it is neg I just think it is weird. I am just wondering if this has happened to anyone? or if you all think it might be a faulty test. thanks in advance for any replies


Staci - July 13

I have had similar results with tests before. Honestly I would go out and by a brand name one. I am about to do that today. I have been using the strip tests I ordered from the net, and I don't know if I really trust them.
We will see!


merlee - July 14

It was a faulty test. I does happen on occasion. Kinda makes you mad, huh?


me again - July 15

Well I waited 2 days and I tested again. same thing happened. It is so strange. a white line on an hpt sounds so weird but it is a very well defined thick white vertical line. Comes up within the time allowed. It is so strange how both sides of the line are very visible. I am just assuming that this whole batch is faulty. I have never had this happen before and I always use these tests. I wonder what makes a whole batch like that


Amber - July 16

Are you sure you're not pregnant????


Krystle - July 16

I am not sure of anything right now. I am gonna wait a couple more days and test again with a different brand. If I was pg the test would have some sort of pink line. I will just wait it out. thank you for your responses ladies


merlee - July 16

let us know how it turns out! BABY DUST



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