Has anyone tried using Ovulex to get pregnant?
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Sveya - September 27

Has anyone tried using ovulex to get pregnant?


just a thought - September 27

there is another forum already in progress. it starts with OVULEX...new post. you will find what you are looking for


Sally - October 20

Check out the company, Selmedica Healthcare before you try ovulex. They make a lot of claims, but according to the better business bureau, the people involved have a history of problems. Read some of the old posts. This is an untested product and the company has already been cites by the FDA for safety concerns on many of Selmedica Healthcare's other products. Do your research first. Start with looking up Selmedica Healthcare in the yellow pages. Seems odd a company that calls itself a leader in the industry can't manage to get their phone number listed. Buyer beware!



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