Has anyone taken glucophage before???
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trying in NC - October 8

I recently had an ectopic pregnancy removed (9/25/05) and lost my right tube also. I went for my follow-up on Thursday and my doctor's plan was taking the pill for 8 weeks to regulate my cycle and take glucophage. I read it was used to help people with PCOS ovulate and get pregnant. Just interested if anyone has taken this, gotten pregnant, or had any problems/side effects. Any information would have been greatly appreciated. Thanks...


T - October 9

I read somewhere on this forum that the glucophage is used whent the patient is overweight and on clomid. ??? Not sure though!


trying in Nc - October 9

thanks for info but not anything dealing with me. I previously took clomid with no luck and have moved onto injections. thanks for your help


s - October 10

I was dx with pcos. i've never been pregnant before. I started taking metformin once a day since the end of august. i found out i was pregnant sept 25th. I have my first u/s tomarrow.


Mega - October 10

Hi, I take Metformin (generic glucophage) 1500 mg. for PCOS. My only real side effect has been gastro issues, mainly loose stools. TMI, I know. LOL! But I've always been prone to that anyway, so no biggie for me. If you do have issues with the Met/gluco
though, there is an extended release version that's supposed to be better. Ask you doctor about it. My dr is pairing it with Clomid, & IUI though. But this cycle will be my first month back on Clomid since June & I've been ovulating on my own though. So I guess I can credit the Met for that. Good luck. I'm sorry to hear about the ectopic pregnancy, that must've been tough. Hang in there.


trying in NC - October 10

s - were you taking anything else (injections etc) to help get pregnant? Mega - thanks for your info, not sure why but I am beginning name brand. After we get myself back together (waiting until Dec.) we are going to pair glucophage and follistim (injections) + IUI to see what happens. Hopefully it could be a GREAT Christmas present for hubby if we can plan it correctly. Thanks for kind words, just please advocate for yourself while taking fertility drugs. S - you give us hope so thanks.



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