has anyone had.........................................
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kristie h - July 16

Hi All, I was just trying to see if there is anyone that has had a miscarriage or two and is finding it hard to become pregnant? I had a miscarriage last yeh in june due to a molar pregnant and i fell pregnant in jan this year and lost it febuary. With both miscarriages i had to have a d&c and was woundering if that could of done any damage. Plz help as i am giving up hope.


Tammy276 - July 16

Hi, I thought I would post. I had a m/c last august, and one this January.. However, mine were both natural m/c and I didn't have to have d&c's done, I cleaned everything out on my own. I really don't think that it would cause any damage. I guess if you are concerned about it, just ask your doc. And w/ having 2 in a row like that, if you are activly ttc, they may put you on clomid or try to do an IUI or something to help. They may monitor you a little more. My doc. said the next time I get preggers, they are going to monitor me more closely and check my levels right away for the first few weeks, and possible give me HCG or progesterone to help me levels stay elevated to help prevent m/c. Good luck. If you want, hop onto another thread "Anyone looking for cycle buddies? TTC July Chapter 2...There are a bunch of great woman over there who are very supportive!


Tracy88 - July 16

My cousin had two m/c's, but went on to have two beautiful children. My sister in law had at least two m/c's and has three beautiful children. Once you have two m/c's your doctor should be monitoring and learning about why your body is doing this to itself. I have had two d&c's also, and just had a laparoscopy.......I asked if anything they saw while in there could have resulted from the d&c's and they said no. There was no scarring from them and they said generally there isn't from a d&c. I hope this helps even just a little. Like Tammy said, make sure you see someone who will monitor you closely at this point. Good luck.



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