Had Sex At Right Time, BUT On Top, Do i Still Have a Shot?
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sherry - October 5

Hi ladies! yesterday was the perfect day to BD, and we did. i managed to get him horny without the oral sex (like i discussed in another post), just in case, the saliva would kill the sperm, BUT we did it in the woman on top position. to avoid the oral sex i had to turn him on, and that position really excites him, so i did it. i know it isn't optimum, but i did lie down right after, and lay still, and propped up for 20 minutes. you think i still got a chance? anyone ever get preggo in this position?? thanks soo much! ((hugs))


Patty - October 5

I've gotten pregnant in that position. So, yes! Good luck.


Ya - October 5

I think you'll be fine. Best of luck.


baby dreams - October 11

I just read an article that said position doesn't matter... so have fun and good luck!


gr - October 11

My wife & I TTC on her ovulation day at noon..She have to give me oral to make it hard then go on top position..Next day the BBT temp went up..Too bad AF came on 15dpo..Wish u luckier..



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