had an m/c
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ria - May 10

i had an emergancy d&c due to a misscarge but it took me 4 years to get pregnant since my son who passed away from a drownding and i am trying to get pregnant again and i feel as though it my take another 4 years my m/c was about 3 months ago my ? is why does it take me so long to conceive what should i do to help it along.my friend gets pregnant all the time why cant i


Melissa - May 10

Ria, I am so sorry to hear about your son. Have you seen your doctor about fertility issues?


melissa - May 11

no i havent i am not exactly sure what to ask him if you want you can e-mail me at [email protected]


Melissa - May 11

Hi. You should just tell him how long you've been trying without success. They can do all kinds of tests. They can do blood work to test your hormone levels, they can do an u/s to check for cysts, etc. Have you been charting your temps and cm? Because that information can help them figure out if you're actually o'ing every month. You may want to contact your doctor to do a fertility work up. It may (or may not) answer some questions and a lot of things can be helped with medication.


ria for melissa - May 12

i havent asked around much or asked my docter really but now i am starting to get a little impatient how do i check my temp.and what is cm? what kind of meds do you recomend?well i was trying for 4 years then finally got preg. then had a m/c and i have only being trying again for about 4-5 mths or so maybe a little less i am gonna see my doctor tom.so i am gonna ask him thank you


Melissa - May 12

There are meds like chlomid to help you ovulate, and I think metformin helps your period come. Charting your temps is done every day. I got the best description at babycenter.com (their preconception area) but, you just take it every day and when you see a spike your supposed to ovulate. Cm is cervical mucus. It becomes very clear and sticky (sometimes described like raw egg whites - I describe it to look like when I blow my nose from allergies not a cold). That cm protects the egg on its journey. Your doctor will know which meds are right for you so I would ask him.


Melissa - May 12

Ria, check out this site for charting your temps http://www.webwomb.com/basal_body_temp.htm.


ria - May 12

Hi. I am sorry to hear about you m/c and your son. You are in my prayers. I tried for over 2 1/2 years to get preg with my son(21 months now) I had a friend tell me about some herbal supplements and I have been sharing this info with anyone who is interested. I took them and was preg in 2 1/2 months. All of my friends that have taken it have been preg within 3 months too!! It really works. I will be more than happy to email you the info. If you are interested, you can email me at [email protected]. I know how it feels to want to have a baby. I will be praying for you!!!



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