Grandpa Viv...too much sex???Please help!!!
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Dina - March 28

My husband and I ttc in Dec. and got "lucky" the very first try only to m/c at 8 weeks in Jan. Now we are approaching our 3rd time trying again and so far no luck:-( My question is this...Is it possible to have too much sex during time of ovulation? Should we try everyday for 10 days or everyother day for 4 days??? I have heard so many different stories and I'm not sure which to try or which is accurate. Is too much sex the reason for no baby yet? How can too much sperm be bad? How often should we try? Lots of questions...please help!!!!!


stacey - March 28

Hey Dina. My story is the same (this might even be the same Dina I spoke to in the miscarriage page). Hubby and I are bd every other night, and when get pos opk- every night for 3 days, skip one night and then one final- trouble is having a hard time reading opk's. So basically it's been every other, 2 in a row, every other, 2 in a row. I have heard every other day should be good if you are ttc. Less strain and gives time for sperm to increase.


Dina - March 29

Hi again Stacey, This is the same Dina from the other post...we are certainly struggling with the same stuff. I think what you describe is the best method...2 in a row, everyother...etc. Hopefully we can figure it out for next month. I am not scheduled to get a/f till May 1st so I have a while to wait. What about you? Keep me posted:-)



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