going to washroom later after intercourse
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na25 - April 10

I am just wondering if anyone else does the same...Afer intercourse ...i have to go to the washroom to pee, so i am trying not to go right away so i wait 30 min to 1 hr and then i go...i am just thinking if i didn't go everytime maybe i would be pregnant till now..lol i hope you know what i mean...


katt - April 10

you are not the only one! i've wondered the same thing.


na25 - April 10

some of odler ladies (who have grandkids now) told em i shouldn't go to the washroom but i just can't feel asleep, i mean i can't hold it,,,


katt - April 10

how long have you been TTC?


na25 - April 10

just over a year i am 25 and dh 27


katt - April 10

we've been TTC for 7 mos. I am 28 and dh is 37.


JenG - April 10

I wait 20 mins then always go... afraid to get a Bladder infection. 15 mins should be enough time for spermies to get where they need to be going.


katt - April 10

LOL - i agree, 15 minutes should be long enough for anyone to get to where they're going!


Amanda - April 10

I agree with all of you.. when you got to go ... you got to go .. lol.. ive enjoyed reading everyones posts in here... made my day.. LOL... too funny... but im the same way... good luck everyone


lilly2 - April 10

gross. I know how you feel. I would try to catch the spermies and then put them back in after I went ot the washroom..lol. It wokred Iam pergnatne.


na25 - April 10

LOL ...i must say I LOVE U ALL!!! you make me feel much better...since I thought i am the only one getting out to the washroom everytime after intercourse :) LOL
and you know what from now on, I will wait only 15 min as well since i waited 30 min to 1 hr before and it is hard, belive me ...So as soon as I get up i have to put my panties to close it up lol until i get to the washroom ...once again you are amazing!!!!!!!


na25 - April 10

lily2 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! i will try to catch it too LOL


katt - April 10

lilly2 - if it worked for you, i've definitely gotta try the catch and re-release method!



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