Getting pregnant
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cordeliah - June 1

If your period lasts seven days and on the fifth day you have sex and your boyfriend releases sperm in you, can you become pregnant?


Drew - June 1

Hi! Although it is possible to get pg during your period it is highly unlikely. For one, your egg has most likely already been flushed out, and two, your new egg hasn't even been released yet. (That is ovulation, usually around day 14 after the first day of your period) So no its not likely. Hope this helped!


Jennifer - June 2

i have been on the depo for 2 years noq i was wanting to know if u could get pregnant while on it and also how long it takes to get pregnant after u get off of the shot?


Chrissy - June 2

My doctor said it took take up to 2 yrs to become pregnant after getting off of the shot! And when the pills it could take up to a full year.



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