fun from another thread - try it for a laugh!
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thayward7 - January 16

Just type in , no dashes or anything if they show up... it's so funny! I saw it on another thread in "signs of pregnancy" and thought I'd share the fun! Smiles and Babydust... T


nans_n - January 16

so funny.....thanks for sharing


pdodero - January 16

That is great! really enjoyed it needed the laugh too! thanks


Mega - January 16

Funny! :)


mommy2josh - January 16

Wayyyyyyy too funny Thayward. Thanks for the smiles.


thayward7 - January 16

I thought it was hilarious too! I can't take credit - someone on another thread found it. It made me laugh. Smiles... T


thayward7 - January 18

baby bump ; )


baby1234 - January 18

Boss Hogg was my man...Yikes! Too funny!


slowpoke01 - January 18

michael jackson was my pope was the daddy to my 2nd i had to have a c section cause both mine were over 15 thanks for the laugh T. i have been rolling over here. this was too funny. thanks for sharing it.


Michelle P - January 20

That was hilarious. I am now pregnant with Logan Caleb Neighbor Kid,14lb 16oz boy brown hair/eyes 21" long.I wish. Baby dust to all.*************


Tracy88 - January 21

The mailman knocked me up!


JB0405 - January 23

HEY THAY!!! How's it going? I will check this out!


JB0405 - January 23

It was the mailman at first but I didn't remember being with him so I opted for a different father to be chosen and got the pool guy... now him, I remember being with... LMAO!!!


queen123 - January 25

so funny thx for sharing



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