Frustrated! Any ideas?REPOST (typo fixed)
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Julie - July 27

I have a pretty irregular cycle. My last few months have looked like this-38 days, 41 days, 38 days, I'm now at 48 days and STILL waiting for my period. I had a bit of egg white CM yesterday and am confused as to why this would happen so late in the cycle, while I'm waiting for my period??? I recently bought an ovulation kit and am waiting until my period comes and goes so I can start using it on my next cycle, but still haven't recevied it yet! My last period started on June 11th. Any ideas as to what is going on?? I took a test yesterday and it was negative...


D. - July 27

Either you ovulated much later than you normally do (which happens more often that we think) or you are having an anovulatory cycle. Or you are pregnant and the HPTs simply aren't catching your pregnancy. I'd call my doc and see what he says. He can tell you whether you ovulated, whether you're pregnant and, if you are anov, he can help you jump start your cycle.


Julie - July 27

what does anovulatory cycle mean???thanks...


D. - July 27

Sometimes our bodies try really hard to ovulate, but just don't make it. We never actually O on that cycle. So they call it anovulatory.


ria - July 28

Im 30 and my husband is 35..we've been trying for 7 months now complete with ovulation kits and BBT charting. And have sex every other day druing the week of ovulation. Still no avail. I have a chronic sickness and am on steroids plus have had cryosurgery before. I am wondering if thats why and I need to get checked or if it just hasnt happen and we need to try some more. Any ides?


D. - July 28


That's a pretty good possibility. Clomid is an anabolic steroid and look what it does. To get pregnant, there has to be a pretty precise balance of hormones. I would talk to your doc about it. And maybe consider seeing an acupuncturist. They might be able to balance you out again.


ria - July 28

D, Thank you soo much. I actuallys et an apponment with a fertility doctor to get checked. so hopefully we can figure out what were doing wrong


Julie - July 29

So, I think I just finally ovulated this week, but wasn't aware so guess I missed the boat this time around.. How could I have ovulated just now when my last period was June 11th?? Is my body that screwed up?????



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