Found out SA results today-low sperm count
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LC - February 21

hello all of you with male factor is nice to talk to you all. Anything new with anyone..Chas, EMM? we got my hubby's blood test back...everything is normal. According to the urologist the next step is another SA in 2 months. Our first appt with the RE is getting closer (next week)...I am anxious to go and find out what they have to say and get things moving along. keep in touch.


Chas - February 21

Hi LC.. nothing new here. Waiting on af not to show in a couple of days!
If I get af this time, I am making the appt with the urologist. So, was that your dh's first appt at urologist ? What all was said? Did they just run blood tests at first appt ?


LC - February 21

hello Chas. nice to hear from you...For Dh's first appt with the urologist, they had him do a second SA prior to the first visit. At the first visit, they went over his 2nd SA results and gave him a physical exam (DH hated it, but the physical exam results were normal) and ordered the blood tests. He just got the blood tests back and since they are normal they are just waiting another 2 months for another we will see. In the meantime we will go to the RE to get that process going. My appt is next week so I will let you know how it goes.


Chas - February 21

So, LC , are you getting IUI or anything? What is the RE visit for? (if you don't mind me asking) Also, was your dh's SA better than the first ? I'm assuming that if his physical exam was normal, then there were no variceles or anything. I have read that those are one of the main reasons for low sperm count.


LC - February 22

hi Chas. no, his SA was worse the second time. first time (after 4 days abstinence though) was 26million/ml and low morph, motility. second was (days abstinence) 7million with low morph and motility. He didn't have a variocele that could be found on a physical exam. We are going to the RE next week. I am curious to see what they recommend...IUI, IVF. From what I have read, I think we will have to do IVF (unless his counts get better) I am prepared for that. If they think we have a chance with IUI, then I am willing to try. But if they don't think we have much of a chance...than I am ready to move to IVF. I am sure it will be another 2 months or so before I can even get started on that so in the meantime we will continue to try to conceive and still hope his counts go up.


Chas - February 22

That is amazing.. how it can go from 26 million to 7 million!! what a dissapointment. I am still waiting on af, due in two days. I did go ahead and make the appt with urologist. (3/22) Let me know how your appt goes with RE. Keep in touch !


LC - February 22

Chas-I know...I couldn't beleive how low it was either but it was only 2 days that's probably why. So this month we made sure we BD'd three days apart. Worth a try! I am waiting for AF to come on the day of RE appt. ALways have a little hope that one on the swimmers will get up there. We are always going to give it our best try. Let me know how the urologist appt goes.


Chas - February 23

Lc, I got a BFP today !!!!


LC - February 23

WOW!!! Congratulations!! That is so exciting!! DId you have any symptoms. YOu are so lucky you don't have to fight this battle with male factor anymore!!! Best wishes to you.


Pinky - February 24

Hey Chas Congratulations!!... Any tips please...


Chas - February 24

Thank you all so much for your support. My first clue was my boobs were Not sore this month like they usually are before af. I had just scheduled the appt with the urologist too... how weird !! His SA was exactly a month ago today,and all we have been doing is the vitamins. He was taking a multi mens formula, along with 50mg zinc, and a B12. I also used robitussin this month before ovulation. We waited three days (abstinence) before we bd'd on my O day. And it acutally worked !!!!!!!!!!!!!


LC - February 24

Chas..congrats, congrats, congrats again! Thanks for the advice. This month we did the same thing..we waited 3 days till O to BD. DH is on vitamins too. Still giving it our best try! Well, again, it has been nice chatting with you. Check in once in a while!


roxanne - February 24

20 million is within the normal range. It's just on the lower end of the range. Low sperm count can be treated with herbal remedies. I would search the internet but I think Zinc is one of the recommended supplements. It takes about 3 months to start seeing results as that is how long it take new sperm to mature.

Good Luck!


LC - February 24

Roxanne- are you talking to me about the 20 million count? We later foudn out that our results were actually 26 million but very low motility and morph...that is why we proabably can't get pregnant naturally. We are trying vitamins and herbs to help and giving it our best try naturally but we are also going to the RE next week.



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