follicles not growing
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pj - February 27

I have pcod. I am on my first clomid cycle. ultrasound shows my follicles are not growing at all. Could anyone tell me why, inspite of clomid. I am really worried


Mega - February 27

Hi PJ. What dose of Clomid are you on? It just might be that you're on too low of a dose, some women (esp. women with PCOD/PCOS) don't O til they're on 100 or 150 mgs. of Clomid. It's really just a matter of finding your right dose. If you go up to 150 mgs (max dose most drs will prescribe), & still don't respond your dr might try you on Femara instead. There are other options out there, like I said, it's trial & error finding what works for you. What CD are you on now? Some women are just slow responders. Good luck & hang in there.


JessicaG. - February 28

I also have PCOS, I had some very slow growing follicles, my doctor had me take some Progesterone and Estradol, I also had to wait a extra day to get my HCG shot to induce ovulation. What meds are you on? Also if you smoke that could really affect it to I would think. So try to stop if you are. ****GOOD LUCK AND BABY DUST TO ALL*****


Me - February 28

What is PCOS/PCOD?


Mega - February 28

PCOS--Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Some drs call it Polycystic Ovarian Disorder, too. There are several possible symptoms, but they're mainly marked by long irregular/anovulatory cycles &/or polycystic ovaries (many little cysts covering the ovaries). It's a hormonal disorder, pretty common among women of menstrating age. HTH, Me!


annette - March 1

Hi PJ, have u had your bloodwork done yet? i had not responded to clomid too one time, and the bloodwork showed that my testosterone had increased, which was the reason my follies were not growing.


pj - March 3

hi guys, sorry I havent replied before. I was really busy, what with juggling work, home, doc etc. etc. To answer, I am on my first cycle of clomid, ie 50 mg/day. I have had some bloodwork done, progestrone seems fine. I dont recall if testosterone is done. I am also getting follicular monitoring, i.e. ultrasounds to track the growth of follicles, and they have been very sluggish uptil now i.e. CD 15(around 8-10mm). . But since I have a cycle of more than 35 days , the doc says we must continue to watch if follicles grow. And thanx for responding


Mega - March 3

Good luck. I hope your follies go thru a real big growth spurt soon.


jcr - March 3

I had zero luck with clomid. My follicles didn't grow, maybe much later in my cycle but my past RE gave up! So I found new RE, asked for femara instead! CD 18 they gave me an hcg shot and bam! First time with femara worked. I have read that sometimes people with pcos respond better to femara-it definately worked for me minus all the clomid side-effects. Just a thought! Goodluck.


pj - March 6

HI jcr. what is femera- a med or an injectible


Melissa T - March 6

Girls, I had a LAP on the 10th of JAn and my last AF was Feb5 and this is day 29 I have never ever gone over 28, they are usually 26 day cycles, but my breasts daont hurst and I do have some cramping, what do you think


Mega - March 6

Good luck MelissaT. Maybe wait a couple more days just to be sure & then test. Keep us posted. I just had a lap myself on 2/17 & I think AF is about to start for me too. I'm excited to start TTC again post lap. I'll be esp. interested to see if you're PG this cycle. Dust. PJ--to answer your question about Femara, it's a drug similar to Clomid, it's also known as Letrozole (that's what my dr calls it), it is a breast cancer drug actually but it induces ovulation much like Clomid. You take it orally & supposedly there are fewer s/e than with Clomid. I haven't used it myself but more & more women seem to be having luck with Femara. Hope this helps!


pj - March 7

Thanks mega. The great thing about this site, is that everyone here seems like a pro. I mean you actually get answers. Interestingly, I havent got lap or hsg. My doc says she will only do invasive procedures , if I dont conceive in the next two cycles. She did advise me Post-coital test. Unfortunately, the day indicated by her, DH wasnt there, sot there has been no test


Melissa T - March 7

Thanks Mega, I talked to my docs nurse and she said to wait for a full week of being late and it is going to make me nuts, but I gotta do it. If you are waiting for your first cycle after your Lap I suggest you double up on your tampons or pads cause it will be very crampy and very heavy, I couldnt even work after the day it started it was like to cycles in one, AWFUL!! But I am so anxious for sunday because that is when we will take our test!! Good Luck to all!!


Mega - March 7

PJ--that's not too uncommon I guess that your dr doesn't want to rush into the invasive tests. Hopefully you'll get PG before then & not end up needing the HSG or lap at all. But if you do end up doing them, niether one is too bad & the info is invaluable. MelissaT--wow, a whole week! That is a LONG time to have to wait it out. Well I hope it ends up being worth it & you get good news! So, you'll get a Beta next Monday, then? I'd heard the 1st AF post lap was pretty heavy, but if I have started my period now it's nothing. Did you have more spotting than usual first post-lap AF? Did you take something to induce it? I'm so confused right now. I'm taking Prometrium (I've taken Provera before but not Prometrium), on my 7th day of that. And I've been spotting since Sunday. Always brownish. Then yesterday it turned reddish pink & then bright red so I thought, oh good, full flow is here. But nope. It went back to brown. And now this morning it's bright pink red again. Now, I had Ovarian Drilling done as well so that could just be my hormones trying to get back in sync too. It's just whacky, for lack of a better word. I guess I better call my dr. Did you experience anything like that after your lap, MelissaT?



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