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einfanti - January 13

Hi - I'm new to the forum and not familiar with all the abbreviations, so please be patient with me. I am day 8 of my cyle and taking 2 Repronex shots since day 3. My follicle sizes were 2 @ 12mm on the right and 14mm and 20mm on the left. Dr thinks we will do 1 repronex tonite and hcg tomorrow, then ICI on Sun and IUI on Monday. But he said the 20mm may be "the problem". Of course, I didn't really think about the word "problem" until after I left the office. I will talk to him when the office calls with my instructions for tonight. But anyone know why it would be a problem to have a 20mm follicle? Maybe b/c the others are so much smaller?


einfanti - January 13

So, I just spoke with the Dr. He said that he was dropping my repronex to 1 b/c he was afraid I would ovulate spontaneously. Anyone else with that problem? Also concerned b/c 1 follicle was so much bogger than the others.


yes your right - January 14

I had that happen back in october, I had one much larger than the others and they just pretended it wasnt there and went with the size of the others (3 others I think) as they were all about the same size.. I didnt ask too many questions as I didnt want to freak out. If you wait, each day the follies grow about 2mm on approx. Are you allowed to have sex before your iui's in case you ovulate early? Are they monitoring you sat and sunday so they dont miss your ovulation? That is what my clinic did. I went in daily for blood and ultrasounds to make sure we didnt miss it and then gave me the hcg trigger shot to release the remaining follicles. I was on a different injectible but same type and clomid that month. we also had to abstain once they get to about 10-12mm so that they could keep dh's count up (we have low counts). If you dont have to abstain for that reason I would have sex so you dont miss the ovulation. (only if doc says you dont have to abstain that is).


Elyse - January 14

I AM going in tomorrow for blood and scan, but the "lead" follicle can't be ignored because if it ruptures, my cycle is done because the others aren't mature enough and there's no chance for pregnancy. I don't have a DH, I have a female partner, so sex won't help (except for my mood!)
Dr. said we will likely trigger tomorrow night and inseminate on Sun (ICI) and Mon (IUI).
By the way, did you get pregnant?


what is ici - January 14

What is ici I have never heard of that.



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