First time IUI success?
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bls81 - January 31

Hello all. I just had my first iui on Tuesday 1/29 and the super long 2ww is now in full effect. I was wondering if anyone has had success with their first iui...all responses welcome :o}


ZenGirl - January 31

great question!! we will be doing our first IUI in February. good luck!


bls81 - January 31

Thanks...I'm so anxious to hear of the accounts of others. I realize no two people are the same, but I enjoy hearing everyone's stories :o} Good Luck with your first IUI!!


ZenGirl - January 31

just know that is IS possible and it DOES happen. so why not us, right? another thead that i post on has a woman who had success with her first IUI. she is expecting a little boy this summer!!


bls81 - January 31

So true! Thanks for the words of encouragement! What other thread do you frequent? I usually hit up the clomid success threads.


Tink - January 31

I did 4 of them- 2 with clomid and 2 with injectables and none of them worked for me, but we never found out what our problem was- unexplained. our first IVF worked though. i have a friend that did i think 2-3 for her first child. She did about 5 IUIs to get her second. She got preggo the first time, but m/c, then it worked like the fifth time. now she is pregnant with #3, naturally (and only 6 months after giving birth to #2)- what a miracle! i know IUI works for a LOT of folks- so have faith and good luck!!!! baby dust!


MonieMarie - January 31

I am a success story- first IUI and now I am 13 weeks prego with twins! It was also my first time using Gonal F though- which is what definately made the difference in my case. I had previously done 3 cycles of clomid and 3 cycles of femara with no response to the meds at all- so therefore no IUI's. Good Luck!


hcw - January 31

hi bls81 and everyone else ttc! i'm 18 weeks today after having my first iui in october... it can happen! i had two follicles and one of them was the pearl... fingers crossed for all of you and don't forget to take your folic acid! oh, and i recommend checking out acupuncture too - at the very least it's super relaxing which anyone ttc sorely deserves... baby dust to all!


Spring - February 1

I did my first round of IUI on the 24th. I am in the 2ww and the suspense is killing me! I have heard of a lot of success stories from IUI so I'm keeping me hopes up.


bls81 - February 1

Spring! Keep your head up! you only have what a week left before you find out ,right!!?? We are about 5 days apart in the 2WW! I'm keeping my fingers, toes, arms and legs crossed for us both :o}


ZenGirl - February 1

BLS81- i also post on the january IUI thread. great girls there too. i recently joined since our first IUI is creeping up!! you should check it out :))


nayray - February 3

Hello all. I am new to this thread but feel like I know you all. I have been following you stories and they have really helped me along. I have been hesitant to write because I actually live in Hong Kong. I am an Expat. I am 9dpiui (my time). This is my second IUI. First with clomid but had an adverse reaction (lining too thin) but we went ahead with it anyway with no luck. This time with Gonal F but only two follies. My DH and I fall under the dreaded "unexplained" category. I am 32 on Thursday and my hubby is 27. I haven't tested yet and I think I will just wait it out. I feel like I'm holding my breath and can't let it go until next week!!! This 2ww is awful. I'll keep you posted!


Spring - February 3

Hey ladies! Just out of curiosity, how long are you guys waiting to test after IUI? I tested on day 10 (today) and got a bfn. Bummer!


Mommyhopeful - February 5

This is my first IUI the 2ww has been horrible but I can finally test on Wednesday but I requested to go in the office for a blood test to be absolutely sure. I rather that then a false positive on a HPT. I am keeping my fingers crossed...


tdo - February 6

I don't have any answers, but will have my first IUI next month. I'm convinced it will work the first try. Which is scary, because I could be devastatingly disappointed. However, I have a DNC schduled for Friday and need to think positive. Bls81, are you on clomid? I got pregnant after 2 cycles of clomid with out IUI. Its an unviable pregnancy( When I'm ready to try again,I"ll jump to IUI with clomid. Good luck to you!


bls81 - February 6

Spring- I'm not going to test until 12dpiui at the earliest...the last thing I want right now is a false positive, you know? What day are you now? Have you tried testing again since 10dpiui? Mommyhopeful- how many dpiui are you? tdo- Good luck with your DNC! I was on my 3rd cycle of Clomid, 50mg days 3-7. I ovulated each of the 2 prior months as well, but with no pregnancy, so we're hoping this is it, on the first iui...hopes are pretty high over here. And now I'm on Progesterone suppositories too, as of yesterday, so Im hoping things progress nicely. Good luck to all of you!! Sending baby dust and keeping everything crossed for you ladies :o}


Mommyhopeful - February 7

bls81 I am actually 15 dpiui today. I did a HPT this morning and it was BFN. I went ahead and tested myself before I go in for my blood work today that way if it comes back BFN with them to I would have already known...I guess not as big of a let down. This is my first IUI w/clomid, progesterone suppositories and ovidril. I am really hoping that it worked. I have had 2 miscarriages 1st August 30, 2007 2nd December 11, 2007 both with Ovidril as a trigger only. We found out that DH has low count with low motility so now its on to IUIs for us. We have been ttc for 2 years so I hope something happens soon.



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