finished AF 2 days ago--NOW LOTS OF CM !! ??
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patty - October 16

I was 7 days late for AF-took hpt NEG-.AF arrived.and lasted 5 days. first 3 days were very light-the last 2 were a bit heavier. NOW 2 days after i finished AF. I HAVE LOTS OF CM !!!! could i have already ovulated.? yesterday morning me and my dh BD... but NOT this morning. i woke up this morning with first a big pea size glob of cm. if i ovulated already is that possible? and is it OK that we bd yesterday morning BUT not this morning ? WE ARE TTC FOR 6 MONTHS. AND I AM LOSING HOPE. i have no idea when to bd anymore !!!


bob - October 16

so just BD every 2 days..



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