FET vs IVF, also # of embryos to implant
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PennyHull - April 9

If you've had both IVF and FET, how do the two compare? I've gone through 3 IVF cycles (3 yrs ago, have an almost 2 yr old now), and am planning to start an FET in about 2 months. How would you compare the two as far as meds and procedures go? For IVF I had to see the dr every couple of days for ultrasounds,etc - sounds like now they just give me the meds and then I see them on a specific date for the implantation? Also, for an FET, how many embryos did you transfer, and if pregnant, how many embryos implanted? Thanks!


tara - April 9

google fet protocol and the first 2 are with and without med cycles. lots to read.



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