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Lucky717 - October 16

I am getting ready to start Femara. Can anyone tell me if there are any bad side effects like with Clomid? I had terrible hot flashes, nausea, bloating, moodiness, cramping, etc. with Clomid. This is why we are switching. Also what is the starting doseage?


allbelly120206 - October 16

The only side effect I had was hot flashes. And I like Femara, much better than clomid. With clomid I had cysts on my ovaries get to the size of grapefruits and 1 ruptered. And the clomid didnt even work for me, but the femara did. I am now 32 weeks pregnant!! Good Luck!!


ginger6363 - October 16

I had no side-effects with Femara (I just finished my first cycle about 2 weeks ago.) The only thing I noticed was a bit of soreness in my neck, but that might not have been related.


Lucky717 - October 17

ok I got my Rx for femara filled tonight. I start tomorrow with 5 mg. has anyone else used this from cd 3-8?



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