Femara for pregnancy
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Misschiff - February 9

Tooth Fairy... whatever your doctor recommends. Mine syas days 3-7

I am new here. I am currently 45 --almost 46 ys old. I have had a history of breast cancer and was diagnosed right about the time my DH and I wanted to start TTC. I had to wait 5 years before considering pregnancy and even then some doctors advised against it. (to avoid reoccurance or the estrogen-positive cancer). That was back in 1999. We have since been TTC since about 2005/6. One year and a bit naturally, then about 1-2 yrs through a fertility clinic. I was on clomid and we occassionall could afford an IUI. I could not take injections due to the risk of a reoccurance of cancer. Since then. we took a year off and then I decided to switch to a new doctor. He has put me on Femara days 3-7- starting with my first cycle last month.

I am also seing an Endo Dr. b/c I am over weight and borderline Diabetic T2 so I started taking 2x 550 Metformin. This past cycle was the first time I didn't ovulate. Also, last month follicles were small. I have been experiencing really bad hot flashes since I started taking the meds and don't know if its the drugs or (God forbid) I am entering menopause. I think the flashes are too severe to be menopause because its more sudden than natural hot flashes would be. Considering I didn't ov and I am flashing I bet my estrogen is low. I am worried. I will try again next month but we seem to have so much against us
1. I am over 40! (you know what that means)
2. We have been trying for 4 years
3. Hubby has some nuerolical health issues that may be affecting his fertility issues (we are trying to see what we can do with tests)
4. I havent many options due to history of breat cancer
5. I am overweight (and trying desperately to change that too)

I am tired of people saying to me "You can always adopt". I wanna say... No, not really. It's not that easy and not everyone "qualifies" but thanks anyway. In my heart I "believe" we still have a chance, but emotions often get the better of me and statistics are not in my favour. We truly need a miracle and a ton of prayers. Any advice is also welcome :)

Thanks to everyone for sharing!


bindi1975 - February 10

i have taken 3 cycles of clomid with no response, i have just taken my first cycle of femara and im now 3 weeks pregnant, i also have pcos and have taken metformin the whole time and im overweight. so for all of you out there i say hang in there.


mel - September 8

my pag asa pb mgbuntis


luvmymarine - October 8

I will be 40 tomorrow and my dh and i have been ttc for a year now. I had a dc and lap sept 9 for endo and pcos no period yet and not preg. Dr has put me on Femara 2.5 one daily is this normal as i have read several posts of only using it on certain cd's. I am concerned I might need to question my Dr about the dif between everyday and only on cycle days.Maybe because I havent had my prd. Any info would be greatly apreciated


mymy25 - November 26

i also have pcos and i am overweight .i took clomid for from 50-200 mg 9cycles no success and take medformin 2000 mg a day and provera to have a period which is 1 pill for 10 days out the month i am only 25yrs old been unable to have kids for a long time been with the same man since 16 yrs old never used protection and never been pregant first time trying femara well start on 11/26/09 would be the first time this drug is very expensive 221.49 for qty 15 pills take 3x 3-7 of period cycle it is very hard for me my husband has children a boy an girl and this is the time everyone my age is having children without thinking about it
and i have to go threw so much no body feels my pain so i thought my cousin is only 27 and has 6 children i just wondering when well my turn come i hope that it does not pass me by i just pray people say they can feel are pain but when they have experience children with no problem just look or blessing my cousin tells me very day its not my time i just glade i have all the woman that has this issue to talk to because each day it gets hard wish me luck on this new meds


Kylea1990 - April 14

I took Clomid for 4 cycles. It did not work for me, no ovulation. Horrible side effects!
Starting Femara this month, hopefully it works!


MntBrder - April 26

Femara has good evidence for taking it when compared to clomid. The evidence all together isn't very strong but a few pro's for Femara is less thinning of uterine lining, less thinning of cervical mucus, and no higher chances of multiples than you would have otherwise at lower doses. I've only completed one cycle, days 3-7 5mg, and went from anovulatory to ovulatory with a great lining, and my cycle went from 40+ days to 29 with ovulation on day 15. I had IUI but our count was low, and motility good. From everything I've found the chance is still ~ 10 - 25% each cycle. Started my second cycle tonight. The odds of getting pregnant decrease after 3 cycles but the studies really are not that strong and don't account for the differences between patients fertility factors. I'm a pharmacist and Femara was my first choice when I learned I was anovulatory. ** Best of luck to everyone - I hope this helped.


Tammy1967 - May 6

I just started on Femara, i'm42 soon to be 43 my husband is 44, we have been trying 6 months however, i have had to take fertility pills in the past to get pregnant. Luckily i was pregant on clomid the first cycle each time. However, the doctor says there are less side effects with femara and with my age i have a better shot. So i just starte dthe pills on day 3 let's see how they go...so far i'm having ovary pain in both sides, some headache, dizziness and diarrhea....let's hope that's it.


sweetie86 - September 13

Hi everyone i have a question I was on 2 mg last month with femara and it didn't work and now this month they have me on 5 mg on days three threw seven and hoping it works if any one could tell me it has worked and the side effects they are getting from it we have been trying for four years we lost two which we had gotten pregnant on our own but it took two years to get pregnant with each one and i ovulate and don't have pcos and they dont know why it takes us so long or why we can't so they put me on femara cause i had taken clomid and didn't like it at all and it didn't work tried it four month in a row and nothing but bad hot flashes and mood swings i will never take it again but with the femara i have been having lower back pains that started today and last month i had left shoulder and arm pains and also i have had headaches with it this month i am new to these meds so if you ladies can give me some help that would be great thanks


brownangelbear - June 11

I have my HSG test scheduled for this Friday, I am very concerned and nervous that it will be painful. My doctor has told me she requires this test before she will start me on femara, so I will do it. I have been trying to concieve for over ten years with PCOS. A month ago I had lab work done and had virtually no estrogen. I had an ultrasound done confirming multiple clusters of cysts on my ovaries. I am feeling disheartened. Please share any experiences with this test. Thanks in advance.


Purswell84 - June 15

Has anybody had pregnancy symptoms at 12 days post IUI?


Purswell84 - June 15

Has anybody had pregnancy symptoms at 12 days post IUI?


can2000 - July 18

My wife is 37.6 years old, and the 3rd cycle try of Femara will be coming soon. We are so nervous about if not working this time, what else solution we can have before IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)? thanks



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