feeling down and out about this cycle :-(
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Chas - March 30

Well, we did 2nd IUI this time with clomid, I had three good sized follies. Much to our disapointment dh's sperm count was only 08. million ! Last month it was 86mill, 16 mill after the wash. I am sooo dispapointed and just can't quit thinking that this cycle is a bust !
Why on earth would his count drop like that, and why it had to be when we were getting ready to do the IUI ??? I know I am going to go crazy these next two weeks. We were only able to make love once after the IUI, dh is gone out of town. He keeps telling me to be positive and "it only takes one" but It's been 2 and 1/2 yrs and I am sick to death of trying to stay positive !! I am just frustrated. ANyone have any enlightening words or success stories would be really helpful right now !! Thanks feeling depressed... :(


Chas - March 30

I meant 0.8 million (800,000)



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