Endo and Zoladex
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sarah - August 22

How long can you get pregnant after taking zoladex for six months


To Sarah - August 22

It is so good to finally meet someone that has endo and had taken Zoladex for treatment. I was Zoladex for 6 months and didn't get my periods for close to 3 months after. I have been off Zoladex now for 6 months and still trying. My doc said my body responded to the treatment really well and no more endo!! It is a trying time getting that needle every month but if it clears the endo then it will be all worth it. Good Luck!


Sarah - August 23

My doc told me that zoladex doesn't make the endo go away it simply stops it from growing. I am 23 and can not imagine my life without children so i will try early just in case there are other complications. Zoladex only started working for me after two months now i just live with the hot flushes in the hope that my reward will come soon.



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