Early Ovulation Perhaps, or not? Need Insight :)
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sherry - November 30

Iam on cd 12 of a 32 day cycle, and i usually get the ovulation pains around cd 16-18, and that is when i usually get my +++ opk, and increase in cervical mucusey discharge, though i never get a huge amount of it. anyway, yesterdat i started getting the pains i get every month, but way too early. i took an opk, and there was a faint line, which i normally don't get any line, until iam a couple days away from the real bold line, plus i wiped and got some mucus on my toliet paper this morning, so iam totally confused, being that i have a longer cycle then 28 days, and even if my cycle was 28 days, cd11, would be too early to get these signals anyway. am i possibly going to ovulate early, or is my body sending out signals i might be misreading? i'll keep checking with opk's so i don't miss the bold line, but i have never ovulated early. has anyone here? is it possible, and is it a bad thing if it happens, ex. with the lutel phase and all, or only too short of one is a problem. i am quite confused. thanks gals, as always!


sherry - November 30

these things happened yesterday, that is why i said cd 11 in my question, just so there isn't any confusion


Mega - November 30

It sounds like your O could be coming. It's not uncommon to have a different O date than is typical for you. Very few women O exactly the same time every month, from what I hear. As for the LP, I believe the only big problem with LP is when it's too short. Are you currently on Clomid or anyother O inducing drug? Could that be the reason for the early O this cycle? Anyother changes?


sherry - November 30

nope, everything is the same, and no clomid. when i was on clomid with my daughter, i ovulated later then normal. iam glad a long lutel phase isn't a problem, just in case. maybe this month i'll be 28 days who knows. i'll keep testing cause i don't wanna miss that real dark line. thanks girl!!


sherry - November 30

guess what? my cervix is soft and open, so it must be time to bd. who knows why it's coming early, but i better get the goods tonight. thanks again!


Mega - November 30

You're welcome. Happy BD-ing. Good luck! I hope this is your month.



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