Dostinex and Early Ovulation
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Renee - August 22

Anyone's O' coming earlier and earlier while on Dostinex for High Prolactin --- seems I ovulated on day 10 this month and didn't even have time to get busy!!! What a waste of a month!!! I'm also taking progesterone after ovulation, so its very hard to pinpoint -- my CM is very little!!! Any suggestions????


Amber - August 22

Hi Renee,
Funny you say this!!! I tried those ovulation sticks last month and tested 12 - 16 days following my period and it didn't peak. I wonder if I O'd earlier like you seem to be. I'll have to research online to see if there are any indications of earlier ovulation.....I'll also ask my best friend who is a Doctor! :)) Let me know what you find out too!


Christie - August 30

Thank goodness there is someone else wondering about early ovulation. I have been trying to conceive now for 10 months and finally went to a fertility doctor. My periods are 30 - 32 days. Multiple ovulation kits have told me I ovulate about day 15 - 19. He did a vaginal ultrasound on me and told me I was a few days away from ovulation. That made it day 11? He told me those kits are worthless and to start having sex on day 7. Is it possible to have a very long luteaul phase???? 20 days?????? We tried this month like he said and we hope he is right!!!!


Pat - August 30

Hi Ladies, I'm glad I found someone who was on DOSTINEX as well. I started taking it a week ago as my prolactin levels were high. I've tried the ovulation kits for a couple of months before, once I was Ovulating on 17th, next month, it never showed was confused, haven't tried it yet this month. But reading your thread, maybe I should try it. Have you had any side effects due to DOSTINEX? I seem to have very bad headaches the day after I day it. I take it during the night as it supposed to cause dizziness etc. Please let me know. thanks!



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