Don't Want To Be In This Alone
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mama keya - March 8

Okay here's my story: I started clomid in Oct 06 and again in Nov 06 and I had became pregnant but it was tubal, so I was waiting for AF to start again and she never came. I went to see my doct and to my suprise I now had a cyst a cyst the size of a small orange, so the baby making was on hold he put me on BC for 21 days and then I had another ultrasound and I now had two cysts so surgery was my next move. I had surgery on Feb 13th and was cleared to start the baby making again, AF was supose to be here March 2nd and as of today march 8th still no AF. So I called the Doc and now they are saying my cycle can be late as long as 4 to 6 weeks and if longer i need to call them. So now I'm waiting for AF,( If it's not one thing its another). If anyone wants to chat or want to share their experiance feel free I'll be waiting awhile, I don't want to wait alone.


mama keya - March 8

I was cleared on the 27th of Feb


sososleepy - March 8

hi keya. I haven't had your experience, so my comments are a bit thin... but I didn't want you to be alone here. If you post your question on the loss board, some of the gals there have used clomid so you might get answers.... hang in there! and good luck!


angelkitty - March 8

mama keya join us on the 2ww no more thread. Wonderful ladies - we have doc linds on our board!!


hoping4anangel - March 8

I know what you are going through....I had been on clomid for 4 months...then onto injectables (Follistim) I have had 4 IUIs, 2 with clomid, 2 with Follistim....all BFN :-( I went for baseline u/s in Feb and had 3 I had to wait a month....then went back beg of March and the cysts are still RE put me on BCP...Im hoping they will be gone at the end of the I can get started again....this is all so frustrating!!! Im trying to stay positive...I guess we just have to hang in will all work out eventually!!


mama keya - March 9

Thank you sososleepy and angelkitty I'll check out both threads If i don't respond right away on the threads I'm just reading to catch up with the other people that will be on there but I most Def will checked them out thanks again. And Hoping4anagel looks like we are in this together I hope your cyst are gone by the end of the month too. I actually cried in the doc. office when they told me the cyst wasn't gone so i hope the best for you, so what is your next step once the cyst is gone what's next and I heard IUI can be uncomfortable but do they hurt, and do you have any kids or will this be the first. good luck with everything and it's nice to actually have someone to talk to even during the wait and how many bcp do you have to take and how many days do you have left. Sorry so many ? but I just need someone to take my mind off AF. My DH really tries to be suportive but he doesn't really understand my frustration. TTYL Keya


hoping4anangel - March 9

Mamakeya- My RE put me on BCP for 21 days...this is only day 9. UGHHH. Anyways. all of my IUI's have gone well...they do not hurt at all..they are just like having a pap done. Anyways....I have a 7yr old daughter...from a previous with my new DH....we have been trying to conceive for 14 mos... I have a slightly elevated FSH...Im only 32. Once these darn cysts are gone... (I actually cried in my RE's office also and at home for like 3 days....this is no fun at all.), my RE is going to increase my Follistim dose and do 2 more rounds with IUI...hopefully I will only need one to do the trick :-) Then if all fails , my DH and I decided we would move on to IVF. We are hoping to only have to do the IUI's. Good luck with everything, this is all so hard....I will be thinking about day will all be over!!! I have to stay positive, its the only hting that keeps me sane!! :-)


thayward7 - March 9

It is so frustrating isn't it! I have done five completed IUIs and 2 cancelled. Now I am waiting for surgery for a hysteroscopy, polypectomy, laparoscopy and ovarian drilling. I have been bumped twice already for the surgery and feel like each day takes forever. Several doctors/nurses say "oh, that's not long".... but it is. To me it is. So, I have been trying to focus on re-grouping. Haven't been doing so great at it! Today is the first day of March break - so I'm really going to try over the next 10 days to focus on re-grouping. Anyway, I know how you feel mamakeya. Hang-in there girl because we are all going through the same/similar feelings. Smiles to you! T


mama keya - March 9

Hi ladies, glad you stop by thayward7, stay with us we would love to be your on line support. hoping4angels I'm with you hopefully it will be all over soon I think I'm siking my self up I swear I been feeling cramping for the last 4 days but nothing I'm trying everything not to think about. But today still nothing and I don't work so I have nothing to do but think about. so what do you all have planed for the holiday me my husband wants to have a cook out. So will invite some friends over and relax.


hoping4anangel - March 10

Im just trying to get by day to day until AF starts...I want to be off these BCP so I can get back in the game and pray that these cysts are gone.....POSITIVE thoughts!!! Baby dust to all!!


mama keya - March 17

update okay my cycle finally started on the 15th of March and i have an appointment schedule for the 27th of March to get my shot and then on the 28th we are going in for the IUI I am so happy well let me know where you ladies are at in your journey Keya



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