Does overweight affect?
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AnnaR. - October 19

Can someone please answer! Im kinda overweight and the doctor will soon be putting me on clomid, did anyone get pregnant from using fertility drugs while being overweight. ttc#2. WIth my first baby boy i was the perfect weight but after a while the weight just suddenly appeared! LOL


sm - October 19

hi AnnaR. i believe so. i m also ttc#2 & for the 1st, like u, i was perfect weight. NOW?! ha ha ha .. i hv been ttc for 9 mths & the babe nvr come. so tis mth onwards, i m determine to lose some weight fr proper diet & light exercises coz i do not wan to rush into.
gd luck!


sandi - October 19

hi, i suffer from fibromyalgia which has affected my weight over the years. I have two boys and now would love a third child. i have only had 1 period since June and I dont even think I am ovulating now either. I had my two boys without even trying too hard and I am finding it really difficult. I have joined a slimming club and lost 13 pounds last week so hopefully my hormones will start to kick in and get back to normal once I lose the extra weight. Good luck to you both!


AnnaR. - October 19

So even with clomid i have a slim chance ha! Well looks like i have to try harder to lose weight. Thanks for answering ladies. Good luck to you both. baby wishes!


shena - October 20

I really dont know but i am 100 pounds overweight and i have been ttc my first for 6 months.I think it could be my problem.


Tumby - October 21

hey ladies, I had 2 miscarries in the last 1 and a half years. With each one I gained 15 pounds. I have been trying to conceive for the last 8 months and no luck. I know I should take the weight off but some depression has set in. Hopefully I will begin the weight loss soon. I like walking I just wish I had a walking partner.


AnnaR. - October 21

Sometimes i don't know if it is being overweight. My husband has 2 cousins are all overweight big time but they are popping out babies like there is no tomorrow! We should all share our stories and just keep each other informed, That way we all know what we are doing wrong! According to my doc I need to ovulate and get regular. I start clomid in a week so well see how it goes i will keep you all in mind and in touch.Baby dust & good luck.....


shena - October 21

Yeah i know lots of big people bigger than me who have lots of kids.I think it has to be a diffrent reason.


ashly - October 21

i have the same problem with gettin pregnant, i have a 14 month old boy and want one more but have only had 1 period since my last and the doc says its beause i am over weight and i only weigh 135. but when i got pregnant i was 100 pounds and went to 183. but i healthy and working out but nothing. we have not wore protection since i had my last so there is some proof. thanks ladies for being here.


AnnaR. - October 21

We all just have to hang in there and when i find out my real problem i will keep you all posted. Please make sure to keep in touch.


To AnnaR - October 22

I have PCOS and ENDO - DRS said you need to lose weight and to fall pregnant and never thought I could lose weight but I am telling you - you can and here is how - Wake up in the morning and say to yourself "I CAN DO THIS". Eat a well balanced breakfast - have jam or yogurt instead of butter - eat multigrain bread instead of white bread - eat boiled eggs (not the yolk) not fried eggs. Then have a snack - an apple or sultanes. Then lunch tuna with salad no cheese and not too much dressing. Then another snack maybe some nuts or another piece of fruit. Dinner chicken/meat/fish with steamed veges (green veges - broccolli, snow peas, brussel sprouts, zucchini etc). STAY AWAY from refined carbs - anything white - bread/rice/potato. You will get the carbs you need from fruit and veges!! And you MUST and when i say MUST you have to do this - excerise 45mins a day. If this is too much start off by 3/4 days a week. Walk around your block, walk to the corner shop, do not stroll - you need to keep your heart rate up. You do this, I can guarantee you will notice weight loss in 4 weeks. I am proof of eating well and excerising 43kgs gone and im feeling fabulous! NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE - EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! Good Luck!!


AnnaR. - October 22

Thanks! I am on a mission now so we see what happens next.



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