Does Clomid help with....
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praying hard - October 11

I'm just wondering if Clomid helps regulate periods??? I have an irregular cycle and didn't ovulate which is why my doc put me on Clomid. Someone told me that it will regulate my periods. Does anyone know if this is true??


slowpoke01 - October 11

alot of times if you dont ovulate on your own then you dont get a period. with clomid it will make most women ovulate so that may be why they are saying it regulates the period. since it makes you ovulate that makes you have a normal cycle alot of times without h aving to induce your period. i am not really sure though since i have normal cycles and i ovulate on my own the doc just put me on clomid to help increase my chances of getting pregnant.


linds99 - October 11

Clomid allows a cycle to be regulated and timed as that even though you release an egg on your own, this drug can help the eggs grow faster and more of them to increase your chances of producing a quality egg earlier in the cycle before your lining starts getting too old and less receptive.


annahoban7 - October 11

Clomid does help to regulate your periods BUT doctors will not prescribe it for that purpose. The max amount of time you can stay on clomid is 3-6 months, after that it starts to become less effective. Depending on why your cycles are not regular your doctor might prescribe sometime like metformin that helps to control insulin and make you a little more fertile. Unless you are trying to have a baby the only thing that all doctors will give to regulate cycles are birth control pills. Since that isn't an option for you I would make and appt with your doc and see if you can run some hormonal tests and see what's going on. Good luck.



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