Did clomid change your AF?
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KDR - March 9

Hi. I took 50 mg clomid on days 5-9. This was my first cycle. I ovulated on day 16. I started spotting on and off on day 27. Full flow has not really begun yet and its cd 31 today. Boobs are very sore. This morning I took HPT and got BFN :(. Did anyone else notice their period was different after clomid???


MuzikGurl - March 9

Hey KDR, yea I did. I took 50mg. clomid on days 6-10 and I noticed the same thing but unfortunately on day 35 I started AF full flow and now I'm on day 4 I'm going to the dr. today to take a beta just in case and talk with the dr. I will ask him if clomid will change ur cycle flow and stuff if u like. I'm curious too. WELL, GOOD LUCK! hope it's not AF and maybe implantation or something in that nature. take care!


Tracy - March 9

First cycle, my period came three days late. Second cycle, AF was right on time, and third cycle, I am already three days late and just spotted this morning. That means my period will probably show within the next two to three days. I know I'm not PG because the doc did a test on cd29 and it was negative. Boobs no longer hurt either, which also means AF is on the way. Good luck.


Marsha - April 6

Yes. First cycle was normal, AF on day 28. Second cycle was longer, AF on day 31. Skipped a cycle and got AF on day 18. On my third cycle now, upped from 50 to 100 mg.



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