Diagnoses? How long? Success Stories?
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Pinkywantsbaby - May 25

What's you diagnoses? If you've had a wonderful success during this struggle of INFERTILITY, tell us about it :) No Success Yet for me but time will tell. I had surgery (Lap&Hysteroscopy) and doc says I have a chance. Hmmm Lets chat! *+*+*+BabyDust*+*+*+


Drew - May 25

Hi pinky, I just started Clomid and Metformin on the 5th of this month. I have pcos, and they are confidant that this combination will work. I still gotta wait about a week for a pg test, but heres hopin! Lotsa luck!


Pinkywantsbaby - May 26

Awww Drew I hope this is it for ya hun. I wish you the best, from what I hear from the other women in the Infertility Support Chat Room on Yahoo alot of them take that combo and hit success. I wish you the best *+*++*+*+*BABYDUST*+*+*+*++ :)


Justine - May 27

Hi Pinky - Good luck to you, hope you get pregnant soon. I got pregnant after 3 years of trying with my first attempt at IVF-ICSI as my husband is infertile (all my tests were normal) and am now 16 weeks. Still don't believe it. I'd see a fertility specialist if it goes on too long - it can really speed things up though the drugs are horrible.



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