Day 31...No Period & BFN! Wish It Would Just Come!
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sherry - November 18

i hate the waiting, i have between a 28- (and once in awhile) 32 day cycle, and am on day 31 today, with a BFN this morning. held it up to the light and everything, lol. no sign of a line, or af. the af like feelings i have had, seems to be lessening. i wish it would just come, so i could start a new cycle. waiting sucks. a test would have been ++ by now iam sure, but i want to move on to cd1 already! hugs, shelly


kotkot - November 21

hey sherry.. anything new???? still waitting or th eflood has arrived. same for me . i was due yesterday .. i usually have a 100% regular clomid cycle and never been that late .. i also did HPT all came with BFN and yeah i also hold it infront the bathroom light to search for a little hope here or there.
wish u luck keep me posted



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