Cycle Friends ... TTC 2007 Babies (07/06/06)
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Sann - July 6

Hi Girls : ) Hope you are doing fine? COL - We haven't heard from you for while now ... I'm worried about you : ( Why have you not written? Please respond soonnn cos we miss you. Val - How was your holiday? Any symptons yet : ) Ladies .... I been also lurking on the other board " Helping Conception" and I found out I don't have to login to post : ) : ) : ) Let me if you are interested on posting over there : ) : ) : ) it would be a lot easier ... you don't have to look for my thread. Sorry ladies ... for putting you through all these trouble. Hope to hear from you soon. LOL. Take care and God Bless : ) : ) : )


Val - July 6

Hi Sann and Col (where are you? We worry... :-) Sann, how many dpo are you? I'm 7, on cd24. Fertility friend said I probably o'd on cd17. It also gave me a "low" chance at conception. I'm trying not to be too optimistic this round. At least it will be the shortest cycle in well over a year - that's improvement! Sann, I'm fine with moving over to the other board. Do you want to start a thread over there? Take care!!!


COL - July 6

Hello ladies, sorry for not answering earlier, I am so busy at work, actually I am not in my office, I was working from a different location lately, plus, you know that I moved to a new house, I still do not have internet connection there. I am so sorry for getting you worried. My updates, I am on 12dpo, I have all kind of signs : ) : ), but this happened before, and still got my AF, so I am not really waiting for any thing out of this cycle. I have the tender breast, cramps for 10 days now, tired all the times, plus veins on my breast, very clear. Today I had a huge temp dip, so that is a big sign for me that AF is coming. Sann, I do not mind going to the other board, if you want to open a thread there I will come and follow you. I have to go now, TTUL


COL - July 9

Hello ladies, hope both are doing well. I am out this month, AF arrived 2 days ago. for me that’s it, no more TTC, I am not going to keep myself haunted with this issue, I am losing my mind, and I have no life. I am going to leave it for God, if it’s meant to be it will happen. So, no more counting and scrutinizing. I don’t think I am meant to be a mom, otherwise it would of happened before. So good luck for both of you. I will keep checking on you, and post, until the both of you get your dream babies. God bless you.



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