Cycle Buddies 5
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nans_n - January 1

Ann, Kerri and Natasha welcome to our 5th cycle buddies thread. I really hope this 2007 will bring me some luck in my journey of TTC. I hope that you will all have a great year, more blessings, good health for your whole family, happiness and peace. Thanks for your continous support. Please continue to pray for me. Talk to ya all later.


NatashaV - January 1

Hi all, Nans thanks for the new thread! How was your New Years Eve? What did you & dh do? I know you said that you bd-ed, but did you manage to have some champagne for me? :) I'm so pleased to hear that you and dh got busy this cycle. It seems ridiculous to me to wait when this could very well be your prime cycle. Good decision! As for me, as far as I know..I'm still pg. My breasts are still sore and I'm fairly tired. No sign of morning sickness yet, and I'm happy about it, but also a bit worried because I've heard that can be a sign of a healthy pregnancy. I feel sad for a girl on the other thread that I post on today. She and I found out within days of each other that we're both pg. She through ivf, and me naturally and we're around the same age (me 36, I think she's 35). She got her beta #'s back and they are not good, and she's had some bleeding. The nurse told her that she's likely going to miscarry. It's just so hard to imagine that God does this to people ..she too has been trying for 2 years or so. I just don't understand that.... If it's not time, God should just not let people get pregnant, why miscarriage? I don't get it... Sorry, guess I'm just so sad for her, and of course it makes me more worried for me. I should get the results of my beta tomorrow or the next day, and am nervous. In my heart I hope and feel everything will be okay with this pregnancy. We told our good friends last night (and swore them to secrecy), they have a 3 month old, and were so happy for us. I was actually asleep (!) before midnight last night..just could not stay up. Guess that's how it goes. Ann and Kerri, what did you all get up to, and how're things? All the best to you all in 2007! Nans..I just know that elusive bfp is coming for you...soon!


nans_n - January 2

Hi Natasha, great to hear from you. DH and I spent our New year's eve at a friends house. I ate lots of food and drink a glass of wine even if i'm about to O, i think that's ok. Don't worry to much about those pg symptoms maybe because it's still too early that's why you don't feel anything yet or maybe you are one of the lucky one. I will be praying that the result of your beta will be fine. I know what you mean about God sometimes letting this like that to happened. Last year was the most devastating time of my life when I miscarry. Never thought that it will happen to me after 20months of trying then. But I know God has a purpose for each one of us and sometimes we really have to go through some pains to prepare us. I keep on asking Him "why me", "why did you let t happened". I may not truly understand His plans right now but I know I will someday. Just keep on praying that everything will be fine with your pregancy. Don't stop praying, God was to communicate with us every single minute. Always thank for all the blessing that's about to come your way. Ask what you want and thank Him in advance. I know that He is listening to you. You just proved that He is beside you right now by this wonderful blessing He gave you. Just always think positve and prayer is so powerful. Have a great day and let us know the result of your beta.


anns - January 3

Hello Nans and Natasha. Well, my New Year's was uneventful. I caught Delaney's cold and was asleep early! Poor baby was so sick this week and had to be put on a nebulizer for seven days. I hated to see her so ill. She is back to her old self now. She's gotten one tooth and is pulling herself up to stand on EVERYTHING. She says Mom clearly (ha ha) and hi. She also likes to wave. I thank God for her every day. Natasha, I didn't feel any symptoms really for about seven weeks. I remember because I had an ultrasound then and I wasn't sick, just tired. Also my breasts were very sore. I feel really good about your pregnancy. I was just thinking of you last night and got excited all over again! My dear Nans, I know that we all will be going through your pregnancy with you too. I hope this time was it for you too. If not, we will all be here sharing every moment until then and after.


NatashaV - January 3

Hi, Ann I'm sorry to hear that Delaney was so sick..poor little sweetie. I can't get over how pathetic it is to see a child that little coughing...awww... That's so cute that Delaney speaks! time flies. When does Delaney turn one? Kerri, when does Kaylyn? Nans, that is good advice about thanking God in advance for things. I've definitely prayed a few times this last week that everything will work out okay. Are you continuing to bd? I REALLY want this to be your month..that would be SO great! I'm sending that prayer out right now! Well...I got my beta number results today..and I'm not thrilled with them, nor do I feel overly worried either. The first day (around 19dpo) it was 1342 and 48 hrs later it was 2140. The receptionist said that those numbers were 'good', and that anything over 200 means you're pregnant. I agree that the first # seems 'good', but I'd have felt more confident if the 2nd had doubled. Isn't that what you said was key, Kerri? ..the 'doubling'?? It seems like the 2nd number should've been 2600 or so. I'm going to try not to worry about it, cause worrying won't help, but it sure would've been nice if I could've put worries of an mc aside. is just never simple is it? I also booked my 1st ultrasound, it's going to be on Jan. 11th. I had to go back to work today for the first time since I found out. There's a girl there that I've gotten close to during ttc. She's now the only one I know who didn't get pg and has been ttc longer than me. I was going to tell her, but dh said that he's too worried for me, and asked me to promise not to tell anyone else. Of course I understand, and he's right to feel protective of me after ALL the pain he's seen me go through (he doesn't want me telling people and having them be happy for me, then to possibly have to say that it's gone). But, she & I have had many honest discussions about ttc, that I feel terrible that I'll be lying to her for the next 1 1/2 months... (she asks me 2-3x a week where I'm at in my cycle, and we're both on the ivf waiting list together). The other problem is that even if dh said I could tell her, I really think she wouldn't keep it secret. Mostly because it would be painful for her, so she'd want to share with her close coworkers, but also, I can tell that the women who work in her area know I'm ttc, and it's supposed to be a secret. I can tell by the way they check out my belly sometimes etc. and the things they say (and don't say) around me. It would NOT be okay if they knew - to have virtual strangers know before my own mother! No way! So, my loyalty is to dh - anything that's ever been important to me, he's on board, so I have to be on board with him since he feels strongly. Right..? I'm just going to feel like crap when I tell her that I've been lying..I may lose her trust and friendship permanently. Any advice? I'm sending all of my leftover baby dust to you Nans!!!


Kerri_md - January 4

Hi Ladies...
Nans, I don't remember about not being allowed to bd after the HSG, but I say go for it---it makes the most sense because the tubes are flushed out and the pathway is clear. I had the HSG in July and got pregnant in September-- I know that your patience and positive attitude will pay off soon!
NatashaV, I know it's so hard to hold in the BFP at work and with your friend, but I DO think that DH is only trying to protect you and look out for your best interest. I can't remember my numbers exactly, but I'm pretty sure they were lower than yours--I think like 350 the first time and like 800 the second time--so I'm sure that as long as it's going up in value that everythings A-OK! Yeay, I just chills thinking about your BFP! For me, alls well. My DH starts back to school on Monday, it's been sooooo nice having him around for a month, he's such a great hubby! Baby Girl is doing well...she's so cute as she "tries" to crawl, but she tetter-totters back and forth and eventually will make it to the toy she's going for. She's having a bit of constipation with solid food(I'll have to email you Ann about Delaney's food experience) but her acid reflux medication is no longer needed so that's great! She had to get the 2nd part of her flu shot today :(
Other than that, all's great here and I'm sending babydust all your way Nans!!!!


NatashaV - January 4

Hi, I had some very light spotting today..I'm going to do a bit of online research on it to see if I should be worried, but it really was super light, so I'm trying not to think negatively. And I know that too much research online makes things worse sometimes. Ann, Kerri, Nans..did you guys have a bit of spotting? And I don't mean implantation spotting because I'd be about 25 dpo today... Thanks


Kerri_md - January 4

Hi NatashaV....I don't recall having any spotting---just alot of cloudy discharge. Hopefully, it's nothing. I know other friends who had a bit of spotting in the first 8 weeks. Whens your sono to see the heartbeat again? Don't worry yourself too much--ha, I know that's a hard one for us all!


nans_n - January 4

hi all! Ann I hope Delaney is feeling better now. Wow she is really growing fast. That is so cute hearing her 1st word. I know you are really proud of her. Thanks for your encouraging words and prayers for me I know that you will always be here for everybody and will wait for my pregnancy too. Kerri thanks for your opinion about bd'ing after HSG. I totally feel weird about dr's note for me not to bd 3 days after HSG and after 3 days we have to use condom for the entire cycle until next period arrive. Gheez, it's like I have a D&C again..LOL..We'll since most of the ladies here get pregnant after HSG why not give it a try. Don't have to follow dr's order all the time..I had my HSG CD 9 then we bd CD 11 and 12 which i had +OPK. So I really pray to the Lord that I get pg early this year, they said women is more likely to get pg within 3 months after HSG. So Kaylyn is starting to crawl...that looks so cute, in few more months she will be walking and running so get ready for that. Natasha how are you? For some ladies here having a mild spotting is normal for as long as you are not bleeding. Stay calm and relax and have some rest I hope that everything will be ok, nice to hear that your beta is quite high, maybe it will double in the next few days. Just keep us posted. About keeping your BFP at work, i think as like Kerri said DH is just protecting you. He is really thinking about you that's why he wanted to keep a little secret for a while. But I think saying it just to one of your friend will not harm you, just make sure that you can trust that person and that person can keep it to herslf also. I know you will feel so guilty if she finds out that after few more months. I guess if both of you are going through the same situation of TTC before she will understand why you are not trying to annouce it. Just explain everything to her when the time comes and tell her honestly that it's not your intention to keep it to her. If she is really your friend she will understand you. Have a nice day to all of you and i'm on my 2WW right now. Thanks for all your support. Talk to ya all later.


anns - January 6

Hello all. Natasha, my sister spotted for a few weeks, not a lot either, but it was pretty continuous. She did not miscarry. I do hear that it is pretty common. If you are concerned call your doctor. I know it will weigh on your mind until you see that little heartbeat. I will be praying for you and sending lots of positive thoughts. Nans, I know how hard it is to miscarry. I questioned everyone and everything after, even God. It was probably the hardest thing my dh and I have ever gone through. But, when I look at Delaney, I feel like she was meant for me. I will never understand why God took my first baby, but having Delaney just feels right. So maybe there is an ultimate plan or we have lessons to learn, who knows. Life is not fair, I learned that one already! Let us know how all of your testing turns out and I hope your 2ww flys by. I'll be thinking of and praying for you. Kerri, I know it will be an adjustment for your dh to go back to school. I love it when mine is home too. You'll get into a routine before you know it. As for food, I'd be happy to talk. My little one is tough. She never did take a bottle. She eats solids during the day and then nurses evenings and nights. Not a ton of sleep for me. Oh well, it's only for another four months. I so enjoy talking with all of you. I'll check in again soon. Take care.


NatashaV - January 6

Hi all, It's been a rough few days for me. Still having the light brownish spotting, and also developed stomach pain that got bad then went away (I'd had this pain last year, so I know it's not baby related, but still...). Spoke to the dr. and they said to go to emerg if the pain or spotting gets worse (or if spotting gets red). She said they can't stop a miscarriage if that's what's going to happen. Work is at it's most stressful too..why do things always happen this way? As you say Ann, no one said that life is fair! I'm trying to keep perspective (that work doesn't matter), but when I feel so crappy and worried about my pg, and everything else.. it's not easy. Not very encouraging. What is encouraging (and also troublesome) is that I seem to have started getting morning sickness in the last few days too. I think it is... I know that when I get stressed, I hold it in my stomach (not a good place now to hold stress, I know!), so I'm not sure if it's ms or stress. Regardless, I'm doing my best to try to stay positive as I've heard that ms can mean a healthy pregnancy. Ann, thanks for mentioning about your sis. Nans, how're you holding up? Kerri, how are you adjusting to dh being away more than before? I can only imagine how helpful it was to have him around, you must miss him. Like Ann says, you'll adjust before you know it. Well, my ultrasound can't come soon enough... I'm thinking that I may have to tell my boss that I'm pg, but I won't do so until after the ultrasound (Thurs. Jan. 11), so I can get some support from her at work..we'll see. Thanks for your positive thoughts and wishes for me...I know that God hears them. N.


anns - January 7

Natasha, just a quick note, when I m/c I never got morning sickness. So I think you getting it is a good sign!


nans_n - January 7

hi Natasha just stay positve and just keep on praying. I hope that things will turn out to be fine with your pregnancy, like an said I also don't remember having morning sickness when i miscarried so i think you are still having pg symptom and it's a good sign. I'll be praying for you.


nans_n - January 10

Natasha how are you? i'm always thinking about you, i hope that everything is fine. Keep us posted. Kerri how things are going for you and Kaylyn since DH goes back to school? I know he's a very good help for you and Kaylyn. It's always nice to have your partner's help most especially when it comes to taking care of the baby. Ann how are you and Delaney? How did the start of the new year for you? I'm still on my 2WW and never still waiting for my result. Geez don't know what happened and it takes so long for them to give my results. Anyways I'll just keep you all posted. By the way Natasha I read from another post about a book Supernatural Childbirth, I read a lot of good reviews of this book from amazon so i ordered one. I just received the book yesterday and finished it this afternoon. It's all about getting pregnant, staying pregnant and having a pain free delivery. If you have time you can check it out at amazon. I know it will help you a lot. It's actually a God's way of having a baby. And there are a lot of testimonies from couples who conceived and had a supernatural childbirth. Talk to ya all later. God bless all of you.


NatashaV - January 10

Hi, just checking in to say that I hope you hear your results soon, Nans. It's so hard to have to wait for everything while ttc. Unfortunately AND maybe fortunately (?), my morning sickness is getting worse. It lasts all day long every day, and is really challenging to deal with. I can't eat more than a couple of bites at one time, and my stomach feels hungry/sick all the time, so I always have to have food on me. 90% of the food I see and smell, does not appeal to me. Today I had a bad headache all day (still have it in fact), and that was almost more than I could bear - to have to be at work, pretending I feel fine, and have all day sickness (morning..ya right!) AND a headache for which I could take no medication..sigh, it was a very long day. But, if m/s is a good thing, things are going well... The ultrasound is the day after tomorrow, and I'm really hoping I'll be able to drink the water that I'm supposed to. I haven't been able to drink more than a sip or two at a time over the last 5 or so days. Nans, I hope the book you ordered is a help..if there are any remedies for ms, please let me know! :) Hope everyone else is well...time for me to go lie down now.


nans_n - January 10

Hi Natasha, the book is really a big help for me. Even if i just read it this morning, I know i still have to learn a lot, keep my faith stronger and stand by God's word. The author of the book said before she got married the doctor told her that she can never have babies. But with her faith she conceived, and now have 4 children, the book is so inspiring and she also talked about morning sickness, how to avoid MC and how to deliver your baby pain free. The only ways to prevent morning sickness and MC is to trust God and let go of your fear. I know it's very easy to say but I still have to work on my faith and continue my journey. The book also says that God will meet your level of faith. So I know God will meet me in whatever level I am right now. I will pray for you..


anns - January 11

Hi Nans and Natasha. Nans, how wonderful that you found a book that inspires you. It always makes me feel good when I can connect with a book because I know that someone else is or was going through what I am experiencing. I truly hope it helps and that your faith continues to stay strong. Waiting for the test results I know is trying; let us know what you find out. Natasha honey, I know that m/s is tough- believe me. It is really all day sickness. When I got it my dh and I both laughed and cried because we knew it was a good sign. Then I slept for a few hours! Think how long you have wanted this and you can get through it. I ate so many saltine crackers at work while pg, that one of my students gave me a box for Christmas and said that they noticed how much I loved them! Nans, my New Year's was good and happy. Delaney is well and feisty as ever. We are putting her in her crib to sleep now and having her learn how to go to sleep on her own. It has gotten easier. Tonight is night four and she cried for less than a minute and drifted off. She still wakes about four times to eat, but now at least I have a little time at night to myself. Take Care



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