cramping during ovulation
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cc25 - March 23

I beleive I am ovulating but i am getting cramps like i would if i were about to be on my period , but that is not until april 4th is this normal ( i don't remeber any of this from my first child)


?? - March 23

wow unsure


heavin - March 23

I had a tubal back in 92, then a reversal in 2003. Before the reversal, I never had cramping before or during ovulation. But after i had it done, oh my goodness.. the pain was bad. I asked my fertility doctor about it, and he said every month during ovulation, your ovaries alternate cycles. The ovary swells just before ovulation causing a cyst to form (which is natural and normal ). When the cyst bursts open, this causes ovulation to occur, which is why you have the cramps. But anyway, I have them now, the cramps, and sometimes they are so bad I cant move in any direction for a while. And mine are located at the ovary area, and again, it alternates sides every month. Mine lasts like for 2 days. Very sharp pains that come and go. I hope this helps you. :)


lee - July 28

I cramp throughout my whole ovulation. There is a medical term for it, cant remember off top of my head. Can be found at WEBMD


Russo - July 28

I have been cramping for about 3 days now, but mine isn't sharp pains that come and go as you all described, mine is more like a dull cramping feeling that I get when I am on the first day of my cycle. Although it's not time for my cycle yet. Could what I am experiencing also be ovulation (I haven't ever felt it before the last few days this month) and also could it be implantation?



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