Cramping and IUI
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woebketwin - December 7

Did anyone experience more cramping during the 2ww after an IUI? I had my first IUI done last Friday and have been experiencing more cramping than usual. Could this be because of the IUI and hcg trigger shot?


Tracy88 - December 7

I had cramping to varying degrees after my IUI. Then at about 9 or 10 dpo I started getting bad AF cramps, but it was actually implantation taking place! I don't want to offer you false hope by saying that if you are cramping that's a good sign, because I wouldn't know one way or the other. That was my first time doing IUI's and was fortunate enough that it worked. Good luck, you never know!


woebketwin - December 7

Wow, you got pg on your first IUI cycle? That is fantastic!!! Did you have any implantation bleeding?


Tracy88 - December 7

Well, we did a cycle of injectables, so that helped a lot too, but the IUI's back to back really did the trick. I had one the day before I ovulated and one the day I ovulated. I had no implantation bleeding whatsoever and actually had two embryos implant! I had a vanishing twin at 8 and half weeks, so now I am 16 weeks with a singleton!


woebketwin - December 7



JG24 - December 7

I also had some cramping during my 2ww, and the night before I tested positive, I had awful cramping and the exact same feelings that I always have right before AF. I was so sure I wasn't pregnant that I was absolutely stunned when the test was positive!! BTW, I also conceived from my first IUI, even though the dr. said we had less than a 5% chance due to my dh's issues. I had no implantation bleeding at all. However, my bb's were VERY sore about a week post IUI - it hurt to even take a shower - and I noticed blue veins popping out all over them. I don't know if this was from the pregnancy or just from the trigger shot. Anyway, I now have a beautiful, healthy 7 month old daughter!! Good luck to you, and Tracy88, congrats to you!!


babybear - December 7

i also had realy bad crampig after iui i had my iui on monday and i had cramps till wednesday


Tracy88 - December 7

Thanks for the congrats!


woebketwin - December 8

Thanks for all the replys. I am currently 7 dpo and am definitely having more cramping than I usually do. I was actually woken up during the night last night due to bad cramping.


woebketwin - December 8

JG24, your reply has given me hope because we were also given a less than 5% chance due to DH sperm.



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