cost of IUI
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Amym - March 21

DH and I found out today he has a very low sperm count. We are being referred to a RE. I figure they will want to do IUI's, but our insurance does not cover it. I'm wondering what is "average" as far as cost for IUI's. DH and I are pretty upset about his and feel like we have lost all hope. Does anyone know what else may help to conceive when dealing with a low sperm count??


isa - March 22

Hey Amym. iui costs will depend if they want to put you on meds. My iui is done 2 days back to back (so 2 are done each month) and it is $400 Can. Meds can be anything from clomid (we pay $8/pill) to injections which will depend on how many amps a day you take. For iui they like at least 5 million after wash but some clinics will do 2 million after wash. If you have no probs with you and depending on how young/old you are will depend on what the doc will do with you. Other ideas is make sure dh is wearing 100% cotton boxers, eat healthy, take mulit vits with vit e,c,b's and zinc. No alcohol, no smoking, plenty of sleep.reduce cafeine and if he has a sitting job make sure he takes lots of walks to let the boys breathe as the heat doesnt help sperm. No saunas, hot tubs or hot baths AT ALL. There is prob. other stuff but that is what I can think of for now. good luck


Nikki - March 22

To Isa's list you can ad no laptops in his lap. $400 doesn't sound too expensive? I figured it would be more expensive than that?


Ann - March 22

My iuis cost $295 for the procedure and $100 for the sperm wash.


Mega - March 22

My IUIs cost $150 & around another $110-150 for the sperm washing but fortunately DH's ins. has been covering all but like $6 of his washing. So, like Isa said, it varies greatly depending on where you're at.


Amym - March 23

Thank you so much for your responses. That is much cheaper than I was anticipating. I thought it would be between $1000-$2000 a cycle. DH read somewhere today that keeping his cell phone in his front pocket can reduce sperm by 30%. He has moved that!! We have an apt. with an RE on April 11th so I am very anxious to hear what he has to say. Thanks so much for the help and suggestions!!


Andrea - March 23

My ob/gyn charges $250 for the iui procedure including the sperm washing on clomid plus $50 for each transvaginal ultrasound. I moved up to an RE who charges $2000 for an iui cycle on clomid and $3000 on injections which include ultrasounds E2 bloodwork , 2 iui's per cycle


Ann - March 23

Amy, it can get that expensive if you do certain meds with iui, but clomid (what most people start with when they do meds with the iuis) is really cheap. My prescriptions were only $45/month. The injectible meds are the expensive ones. Glad to hear you have your appt set. Good luck!



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