Cost of Invitro ?
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LA - August 19

Hi i was just wondering how much invitro costs? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!


slowpoke01 - August 20

for most people that i have talked to it is like 8000.00-10000.00 really depends on where you are some docs include the meds some dont you would just have to call your re's office and ask them


isa - August 20

it also depends on what you are having done. would you include icsi and assisted hatching? Do you want pgd done, then it is more, donor egg, more, donor sperm more etc etc. Each clinic is different. Some have shared risk others dont. Meds are about $4000 on top of the cost. Some have medical insureance to cover some or all, most dont and its out of pocket. You'll have to check out as slowpoke said with an office in your area.



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