Congenital Defect in Right Tube
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bina - January 30

I just recently had diagnostic laparoscopic surgery last week and they found that my right tube is a congenital defect. It's kind of like a solid tube, nothing hollow to pass through. Dr. is suggesting IVF. Just wondering if anyone's has had this or any success rates for conceiving. Everything else including my left tube looks great.


kakshata - January 30

hi , i had a ectopic last may and my right tube was cut. So even i am left with only one tube. my doc says it sholdnt matter much, you can still conceive normally. so may be you should try before going in for iVF


bina - January 30

Hi Kakshata, thank you for responding back. I've heard alot of people with either one tube or one ovary conceive. Chances are cut by 50% but there's still a chance. I will definitely keep trying until they schedule IVF. Have you been doing the same or have you started IVF? I'm really nervous about the process. Not sure if insurance will cover it.



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